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Warframe8 - Terribly Great Warframe Advice

warframe - Terribly Great Warframe Advice

r/warframe! I've been playing for a while and I help run a clan now, so I thought I'd put some of my best (worst) advice into one place. Here are some great (awful) things to think about:
  1. When farming with Nekros, he gets more chances to Desecrate for more loot based on how many severed parts enemies have. Make sure to keep slashing even at corpses so everyone knows you're a complete psychopath.
  2. Spoiler mode is great for reviving team members, especially with invisibility, but check their MR first if you're going to do that. Low level scrubs don't deserve to be revived.
  3. Higher rarity Prime parts are worth more Ducats, so it's a rule that you have to say "DUCATS" in the loudest, dumbest voice possible on party chat when you pick them on the relic crack screen.
  4. Voidrig's 2 gives it invincibility for several seconds, giving your shields time to regen and the Bruntspar skin's head time to reenact The Exorcist.
  5. If you're trying to stay grouped up with a friend but want randos to leave your party after a mission, it's customary to type "WHY ARE THESE FOOLS STILL BREATHING MY AIR" into squad chat.
  6. Deluxe Skins are the best use of login market coupons partially because you can't get them in any other way, but mostly because then everyone knows just how much of a thirsty bitch you really are. We know exactly why you bought Nova's Atomica skin.
  7. If you're new to open world content, you can get a K-Drive hoverboard for free from the Fortuna quest, allowing you to see the world from below as you clip through the ground and fall into oblivion.
  8. All three sub-species of Vulpaphylas from Deimos self-res automatically so your pet can die guilt-free. Repeatedly.
  9. Ayatan sculptures can be used to decorate your orbiter, letting you tell your friends "LOOK HOW MUCH ENDO I DON'T NEED" without ever having to type or say it.
  10. If you're new to the game, make sure to play The Second Dream as soon as possible for a free existential crisis. Nobody online will tell you what it's about out of respect for existentialist Soren Kierkegaard, who famously did not have the internet.
  11. Did you know Warframe has PVP? It doesn't! There is no PVP in Warframe. Why would you think that?
  12. In addition to having a credit doubler built into his Effigy ability, Chroma is also a 13 year old's Platonic ideal of "badass." It's me. I'm 13. Ignore the "1985" on my driver's license.
  13. When you use Nidus's larva to yank Dargyn pilots into the ball, killing them counts for "kill Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground" and makes the ball burp, which is hilarious.
  14. Using a melee weapon as Wukong is a perfectly legal way to give a gun to a monkey.

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