The ability to take away pain

Warframe5 - The ability to take away pain

Major Spoilers if you haven't completed the War Within and The Sacrifice. After all this time of completing The War Within and The Sacrifice, something just clicked, while I might be shooting arrows in the dark and all this might just be a speculation in my head, I think there is a part of the Operator's story that DE told very subtly in 2 parts. Remember the part in The Sacrifice where the Umbra is crying under a tree and the Operator approaches him and Ballas is heard saying the following lines-

"And it was not their force of will – not their Void devilry – not their alien darkness… it was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing– And take away its pain ".

Now initially I just took the line as the Operators empathizing with the warframes, given that they both suffered in their own ways, which in it's own way is beautiful, however if you think about it these lines kinda also resonates with the Operator and Umbra at a personal level, let me explain how.

In the The War Within, during the mind sequence where the Queens are trying erase the Operator's existence from the inside, they say – ''No crew aboard, only the children… only the parricidal monsters they had become".


Strongly implying that after the acquisition of the Void abilities the Operator killed their parents, their Father more specifically, a fact reinforced by the Man in the Wall calling the Operator 'Kiddo' almost in a mocking tone, by Lotus trying to justify the Operator's act as being just a child and the Rell webcomic showing Rell killing his mother. Now in the Sacrifice we learn that Umbra's source of strength and pain, is similar to the Operator's, death of a loved one, his son, but that too by his own hands.

So there we have it, a Father who killed his own son because he lost control and getting mocked by Ballas, a child who killed their father because they could tame their powers and getting mocked by the Queens and the Man in the Wall. Puts a whole new twist to "We'll face this together" and "I don't need to hear it, I lived it", doesn't it? In a way, they complete each other, like duality dictates. A childless father and a fatherless child. Now I do realise this could just all be my headcannon and even if it is true everyone could have just figured this out already, but I felt like giving my 2 cents on it. Sorry for the long read, Glory to the Tenno.

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