The Beginner’s “Duh” Guide

Warframe7 - The Beginner's "Duh" Guide

I'm only two weeks into this game and having a great time. I used the wiki, a couple of beginner's guides, and reddit to get me going. And it's true, this community is really cool and helpful.

What I want to offer is stuff I've learned that was too "duh" even for the beginner's guides to think about mentioning. I'll try to keep adding as I remember the dumb things I did or things I didn't quite understand.

Please add your own "duh" hints if you have any!

  1. There's more than one Junction on earth. You should be following the star chart like all the advice says. I followed it to Venus and then Mercury and hit a dead end. It took me a stupid long time to see the second Juntion on earth that goes to Mars.
  2. Up at the top left is where you can put yourself in multiplayer or go solo.
  3. Even if you put yourself in multiplayer, you might be alone on all your missions anyway. If no one else is doing your newbie mission, you have to go alone.
  4. If you go solo, you can pause the game! If you try to pause in multiplayer, even if you are alone, you will get murdered.
  5. When you do end up teamed with other people, that teaming gets saved in between missions. You are now in a squad.
  6. If you highlight your name, a dropdown will appear that allows you to leave a squad.
  7. After you are in a squad, something about voting on missions happens. So you might end up on a mission you didn't necessarily pick, but it's all still fun. I'm not sure how the timing works.
  8. You will get assigned missions you have to ignore because you are not strong enough to complete them. Save them for later.
  9. You can look at all of your missions at the codex pedestal. Very helpful.
  10. A gazillion pedestals/sections/pieces get installed in your ship either by you doing missions or it somehow showing up behind your back when you weren't looking. 😉
  11. There will be events advertised that you are not qualified to go on until you've been playing for longer. Just enjoy the anticipation for now.
  12. Your qualification level in this case is your Mastery Rank, what everyone here calls MR. Check your MR by looking at your name in the upper left and choosing to see your profile.
  13. If you look at the individual levels for all your equipment and they seem like they are high enough to beat the bad guys but you aren't beating them, upgrade your mod cards. Upgrade the ones that give you life, shields, and armor first and you will no longer insta-die after receiving a few hits.
  14. Try not to upgrade the beginner, "flawed" mod cards if you can help it. They only have 3 upgrade slots available. The exact same mod card is available in an unflawed state that lets you apply more upgrades than just three. You'll soon be swimming in those. I upgraded flawed cards and ended up having to start over on unflawed cards later.
  15. Having said that, it's ok to upgrade a flawed card if you need to. The first three levels are fairly cheap to upgrade, and it's not that big a big deal if you start over again on an unflawed card later.
  16. At the mod bench there is a short, useful tutorial on modding the cards (lower right on screen). It was helpful in showing me the graphic layout of the cards and what each indicator means.
  17. Maroo is not standing where you land. You have to run around through the bazaar. She's over at the top of the stairs that lead down to the trees.
  18. If you grow a disgusting pink boil on your neck, google what to do about it. This may also apply to real life.
  19. If you wear a sigil from a syndicate, you get some bonus percentages. If you wear other sigils, they are just cosmetic.
  20. Sigil manipulation is at Arsenal > warframe > appearance > regalia
  21. You can't do syndicate stuff until you open it up via missions. A new pedestal will appear on your ship. Of course it will.
  22. If you are collecting blueprints to construct something in the Foundry, don't make one piece until you have all the blueprints needed to make the whole thing. Once a piece is made, you can't see it in the Foundry anymore, and it's very hard to keep track of what you have after that. You have to exit the foundry and go into your inventory and try to sort it out there.
  23. Speaking of Foundry, go check it out every once in awhile. You'll be astounded how many things you've picked up and didn't notice or forgot. I had cool new weapon blueprints all ready to go that I didn't even realize.
  24. You can unknowingly remove all your mods from your warframe or any of your equipment by switching to an empty "Config B" or "Config C" slot while looking at your mods in the arsenal. Oops. This is very easy to accidentally do on a controller.
  25. To interact with your archwing for upgrades and stuff, use "Select Mode" in the arsenal. For me, it's the bottom right of the arsenal screen.
  26. Try not to walk in front of the rover.

These hints are from playing on an Xbox, but I think they are pretty universal.

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