The bonewidow is still in a dire state.

Warframe12 - The bonewidow is still in a dire state.

There's really no beating around the bush with this one. The bonewidow is (imo) the only character/frame on release that was 0/4 on release, with not a single ability being useful or even worth its cast time. Even the worst of frames have some sort of gimmick that keeps them semi afloat (like zephyr had turbulence for the longest time or how old vauban had bastille)

Xaku came dangerously close, but at leat the 1 has a gimmick on excalibur and saryn the, 3's armour strip was questionably useful with extreme modding, and the 2 could afk low level missions.

But the bonewidow isn't even on that level. All its abilities are either not worth the animation time/energy it takes for them to cast (1-3-4) or they are completely outclassed by an identical ability on the voidrig (2).

Its not a problem of numbers or scaling this time, its a problem of function and no mater how much you buff the numbers, bonewidow will still be bad.

1.) The meathook. The meathook is a gimmick you're gonna use 3 times for its amusement value, then completely abandon and never touch again.

It has a long casting time, awful hitboxes, the damage on the impaled enemy is bad and the damage when you throw them is bad. Its slow and clunky, and short of buffing it to oneshot everything it touches, it will never be worth it as a damage ability, the only salvation for this short of a complete scrapping and re-doing is giving it some utility like draining enemies of their health to heal the bonewidow (since its a frontline mech.)

2.) Literally storm shroud but worse.

Storm shroud makes you immortal from all directions? This blocks damage just from the front.

Storm shroud reflects damage, this doesn't.

Storm shroud can be recast immediately after going down, this has a cooldown.

And to top it all off, you can't use meathook and shield maiden at the same time. If you're using meathook, shield maiden is disabled, and if you're using shield maiden, meathook is disabled. Great synergy there.

I honestly don't know what to do with this ability to make it actually worth while at all. Maybe just turn it from an ability to passive, in the form of permenant huge passive damage reduction from the front?


3.) Firing line is also another competitor for worst ability in the game. It sweeps enemies in a large area around the mech and pushes them in front of it. Mind you, it doesn't bring them in melee range, it just brings them in front of you. It also roots you, has a long cast time, a longer time to actually take effect, a large cost and doesn't work indoors, in different elevation, or anywhere outside flat open fields.

This ability is just "Why's" all around. What's the point of this ability? It doesn't stop enemies from moving or firing, it doesn't provide any utility, it doesn't do anything other than saving you a few seconds of turning around. It doesn't even have a proper animation. This is an ability I feel safe completely scrapping and replacing with literally anything else.

4.) Clunky, slow, long animations, no combos, no combo counter, chugs mana like mad, short range and bad hitboxes. 500 extra damage isn't gonna save it.

This needs to be faster, more fluid, needs real combos, an actual combo counter, needs to consume less mana, have more range better hitboxes and some sort of actual gimmick, like shockwaves or something. It doesn't mater how much damage this has, it will always feel bad to use in its current state.

Something that needs to be made clear about the bonewidow, its not a problem of scaling or low numbers. Its also not a problem of the voidrig existing as competition. The voidrig could have not even existed and the bonewidow would still be bad. Its a problem of functionality. All its abilities are bad on a fundumental level and just giving them bigger numbers won't fix them. The mech should not have released in this state, it should not have entered the public test cluster in this state. Everything on it needs to be scrapped and returned to the drawing board, simple patches are not going to fix it.

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