The Buffs Atlas Actually Needs

Warframe7 - The Buffs Atlas Actually Needs

So in the most recent Devstream they were talking about giving frames some buffs, and when I saw Atlas I was really excited. Ever since switching to PC I've essentially been maining him. He's so simply but just punching an enemy and watching them go flying and the enemies behind them being destroyed is so incredibly satisfying but he does have some issues that I want to go over.

In case anyone is wondering they're planning on buffing one of the worst abilities in game, tectonics… by giving it slash procs when it touches enemies. Needless to say this isn't very good even if it was an instakill when they touched enemies, which I highly doubt is what they plan to do with it. So we'll go through each ability one by one and end on his 2 and what I think needs to be changed to be useful (besides just being removed from the game).

Passive) This doesn't need much honestly, 1500 armor is a fair bit of armor and you get rubble fairly easily, however it goes away so fast that it's frustrating to keep up at times. Just lower how quick he loses it and he's fine.

Augment) So technically Rubble Heap is his passive augment instead of an augment for his one (dunno why they did that either) but it's a fine augment. It just doubles the damage of his punches when you reach a certain threshold. Nothing really needs to be changed.

1) This is his bread and butter. The ability that gets him damage higher than many other melee frames so easily. Nothing for this really needs changing. It's a good ability though the only thing I would ask is that they give it a higher crit chance. Currently it sits at 5% crit/status chance, but honestly it's not fully necessary.

Augment) This augment provides a good amount of CC and allows you to gain rubble from enemies that come in from behind you without needing to use your 3. Decent augment though it feels really inconsistent with whether or not enemies get petrified, though that might just be me.

3) This ability is another fantastic ability (man imagine that, me praising something else on him) and allows him to do some quick and easy area cc, but it suffers from one massive QOL issue… it shoots out where you frame is looking. Now at first you might be wondering why that's an issue, but the issue comes in when you're looking at an enemy with your camera and atlas is looking to the right while meleeing an enemy, and instead of turning and shooting where your camera is he shoots where he is looking. You can get around this by doing a quick ADS but it still is an incredibly frustrating ability to deal with and would likely require just a tiny and simple change to fix.

Augment) This is pretty decent, you get a scan and extra loot for freezing an enemy. I tend to take it when I'm farming resources and I don't want to use Nekros or Khora. Very good augment, only held back by the fact that Atlas has too many mods he wants to use already!

4) Now we start getting to abilities where Atlas begins to show some rough edges. This ability is… strange. It's supposed to be a summon ability but I'm not sure what their use is supposed to be. They're incredibly tanky and very rarely die outside the timer but they don't do a lot of damage and they don't seem to agro enemies a ton. So.. they're just kind of there. I will split my changes into different parts so this isn't a massive wall of text.

A) So my first change to the ability would be to remove the duration. Your first thought might be that it's OP, but I really don't think so. It would give Atlas a reason to use petrify on Rumblers to heal them (that's an interaction btw) and not a single other ability in his kit wants duration so it just makes fitting duration into his build awkward and makes it so builds that want to include his rumblers are just that much worse.


B) The second change would be to have their primary and ranged attacks scale with your primary and melee weapons. Atlas already carries around a melee statstick and on the punching king I doubt many people use their primary all the time so I doubt they would mind a primary statstick either. This would let them do some actual damage, as it is now, they're so slow that they can barely keep up with enemies so letting them do some damage wouldn't be too OP.

C) My final change for this ability would be that their melee attacks should taunt enemies hit. This would give them some increased agro generation and allow them to act as secondary tanks alongside atlas himself. Not much to explain, just a nice buff to allow for more CC.

Augment 1) So Atlas has two augments for his 4, we'll be going over Titanic Rumbler first. This one is interesting, it has some more CC but requires you to keep active tabs on it and do it yourself. Honestly I think holding the button for the base Rumblers should be able to perform the knockdown/taunt and not be restricted to this augment or just have this be the baseline ability and have the regular rumblers as an augment with some kind of extra stuff. Either way this doesn't really fix all the issues with the ability but it does fix some.

Augment 2) So since Rumbled came out with Conclave people have been begging for this mod to come to PvE… it did… and everyone forgot about it. The problem with it is that the augment scales off your health to give you an ironskin, meaning your passive is completely useless and you won't want to build any armor on Atlas. But it also restricts you to either using your 1 for damage or using the rumbler ranged/melee attack. If you were wondering why I was complaining about Rumbler damage please use this mod and you will see what I mean. It can be fixed by doing the above changes to his 4 and applying this to him, and having the augment scale off both his health and armor. Which would make it a slightly worse Iron Skin.

2) So now we're on his worst ability and a definite contender for the third worst ability in game. It has some incredibly niche uses such as corralling human defense targets into areas and providing a barricade that enemies need to get through… but most times it's just kind of pointless. I want to try to make the ability decent without fully removing it from the game or fully reworking it. While it still won't be a great ability with these changes it will be far more useful.

A) Keep the regular tap for a quick wall and ball since I doubt DE would remove that, but when you hold the ability you'll enter a channeled state and begin to build up a barrier that gains increases health the longer you channel. You can control where it builds by moving it on screen. This would allow you to actually block up doorways and be able to more effectively guard a defense target with a higher wall.

B) Enemies near the wall (depending on some range that is undecided) will slowly petrify and enemies actively hitting it will petrify faster. This will provide yet another layer of CC to his kit and allow him to gain rubble another way, perhaps even have rubble fall off in chunks as his 2 is destroyed so you can heal it with his 3 and gain rubble faster.

Augment) I mean.. like this allows you to block doors a bit easier (since many doors are just wider than Tectonics so more allows just that little bit extra coverage) but it still doesn't really do much. Honestly just change this ability as with my proposed changes above it would become kinda pointless.

Anyways sorry for the lack of a TL;DR as I don't know if I could effectively sum this whole thing up, but I hope you all enjoyed reading these changes! While there are a ton of changes and notes above I really don't think they would be too hard to program in as many of them, outside the change to his 2, are already in the game game in some way. So do ya'll agree with these changes? Think I'm insane and will nerf/buff him way too much? Either way I do really think these are the changes Atlas truly needs to become an even better frame in the game!

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