The DAMAGE mentality and meta. What we really need to make Warframe better.

Warframe7 - The DAMAGE mentality and meta. What we really need to make Warframe better.

Let's talk real quick about one of the things that have been making Warframe burn out and interest a really common thing. DAMAGE.

Way before Second Dream, Warframe was a game where each Warframe actually had a purpose and contributed to the overall purpose of completing the objectives and mission, I actually found it the most fun and was one of the things that made Warframe very exhilarating and enjoyable to play with friends and teammates. EVERYONE felt useful.

Nowadays we're stuck at a meta or situation where DAMAGE IS KEY and IF IT DOESN'T DO DAMAGE THEN IT'S USELESS. This has been to me one of the biggest reasons why Warframe has been in a rut and people get so easily burnt out by the game.

Now you may end up saying BUT IT'S A POWER FANTASY WE SHOULD BE VERY OP. But the thing is, what's so fun about being completely overpowered to the point that nothing will ever satisfy you anymore? You just end up getting burnt out really fast, you breeze through everything without an inch of care, and you pretty much can just solo everything now.

Controversial opinion but I feel like Warframe and the COMMUNITY has just gone to the point where it's become TOO FIXATED ON DAMAGE.

Let's take the upcoming Atlas Bulwark Changes for Example.

Bulwark: Performs AOE slash when damaged by enemies. AOE damage based on the amount of health lost.

People without testing the ability immediately assume that IT'S SHIT, that reflected damage is actually very low, that it's not dealing damage to ranged enemies. But the thing is, that's not how it works at all.


Bulwark actually deals damage in a LARGE AOE around itself that STAGGERS. Damage is based off Ability Damage that can be modded with Power Strength and scales depending on the damage taken.

Damage is not a reflect but instead procced in an AOE around the Bulwark when damage is taken.

A single wall kills 9 chargers before breaking.

We can see that the damage is average at best, and yet that's what majority of the people are complaining about the changes: NOT ENOUGH DAMAGE.

But when you stop and think a bit more, the problem isn't at all the damage but the DURABILITY of the Wall itself. It breaks too easily at higher levels before it can contribute more. The problem isn't really the damage but its durability and longevity.

Damage to durability is spread out among 3 walls allowing the walls to take down all 20 Chargers without any of them breaking.

Basically my point is, everyone needs to stop thinking that MORE DAMAGE is the be all and do all solution to everything in the game, because if we only think of damage and nothing else, then we won't be able to fix the actual issues with the game balance.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Do you guys believe that Warframe should focus on damage and only damage?
or Do you guys believe that Warframe should focus on making everything cohesive and meaningful again?

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