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Warframe12 - The Helminth: Dev Workshop


Tenno the time has come for our comprehensive Dev Workshop on The Helminth System (formerly known as ‘Helminth Chrysalis System, we reduced the name length for ‘Mouth’feel)! This Dev Workshop is subject to change, but here is everything you need to know about THE HELMINTH!

We debuted this system at TennoCon 2020 – rewatch here:

KoKO1nAk0MQ?t=1693 - The Helminth: Dev Workshop


The Helminth System is an expansion of the Helminth room on your Orbiter – you may only know this room as an infested space that allows you to remove the Helminth Cyst. With the ‘Heart of Deimos’ Update, that’s all changing. The Helminth system enables you to customize your Warframes by infusing new Abilities in place of existing Abilities.

How does it work?

To participate in the Helminth, you must obtain the ‘Helminth Segment’. This is acquired in the Heart of Deimos in the Entrati Syndicate and is then installed on your Orbiter in the Helminth Room to begin your Helminth journey!

Once ready, there are 2 key things this System offers:

  • You can replace 1 Ability per Warframe.

  • Every Warframe can be Subsumed to permanently provide 1 specific Ability to Helminth.

Who is this for?

We consider this a customization system for very experienced Warframe players (Mastery Rank 15 Prerequisite). We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We intentionally placed the Segment deep into progression to ensure only experienced players could access the Segment and begin their journey with Helminth.

What are Resources / Secretions?

Virtually every Resource you’ve ever earned can be fed to Helminth – your stockpiles have a new home! This Feeding creates SECRETIONS, which allow you to utilize the Helminth for Ability customization. Helminth has a diverse appetite – make sure you feed Helminth Resources they want to eat to get the best Secretion results! Your choices on what you’ve fed Helminth will determine its willingness to reward secretions – change it up for best results!


Infused Abilities are removable with the click of a button – they will stay within a given Warframe as long as you decide you want it!

Subsuming a Warframe is permanent – only Subsume Warframes you are sure you do not want to play with. You can always re-earn or re-buy a subsumed Warframe.

Do Configurations matter?

You can deeply customize by only replacing Abilities on certain Configurations, as seen in the Demo! But we would like to expand this further to demonstrate just how deep you can go.

You can have 1 different Ability infused PER config!

So if you have Excalibur in the chair – you could put Shock on Configuration A, Molt on Configuration B, and Firewalker on Configuration C!

For example, if you wanted Shock applied to Excalibur on Configuration A but wanted Configuration B and Configuration C to stay default with Slash Dash, you can do so!

What does Ranking Helminth do?

As you feed and use the Helminth system, you will rank up! Each Rank unlocks something different – from a new power, to more Subsume Slots (max Rank Helminth = unlimited Subsume Slots), make sure you progress through the Ranks by regularly Feeding Helminth, Subsuming, and Infusing your Warframes!

What are the Helminth Abilities?

Helminth Provides unique abilities of their own – these are subject to change before launch, but here is the current list:


"Increase the power strength of your next ability."


"Imbue your weapons with ammo efficiency."


"Increase your sprint and parkour speed."


“Stun an enemy, next damage you deal to it, will be dealt to all enemies around it."


"Instantly restore shields."


"Your next hack will be automatic."


"Heal your companion and call it to your side."


"Hit enemies in a cone, affected enemies will have their Bleed and Toxin status removed and their remaining damage dealt in a burst."

What is Infusion?

Infusion is the process of injecting a Warframe with an Ability – whether it be one of Helminth’s own, or another Warframes. Every Warframe can receive 1 Infused ability at a time in any Ability slot (i.e you could place Shock on any of the 4 Ability slots).

What is Subsuming?

In addition to Helminth’s own Abilities, you can Subsume a Warframe to obtain 1 specific Ability permanently in Helminth’s memory (list below). We do not allow the Subsuming of any Prime Warframes, but you can Infuse Abilities on Prime Warframes!

Subsuming is the act of permanently providing a base Warframe into the Helminth’s biology. 1 Warframe can be subsumed every 23 hours. The Warframe can be any Rank.

What Abilities are earned on Subsuming a Warframe?

The following table outlines the current Ability a given Warframe will provide on the Subsume action. This is subject to change before launch.

AshShurikenSeeking Shuriken
AtlasPetrifyOre GazeWe will not create Rubble.
BansheeSilenceSavage Silence
BaruukLullEndless Lullaby
ChromaElemental WardEverlasting Ward
EmberFire BlastHealing Flame
EquinoxRest & RageCalm & FrenzyWe will use Rest or Rage depending on your Energy Colour.
ExcaliburRadial BlindRadiant Finish
FrostIce WaveIce Wave Impede
GarudaBlood Altarn/a
GaussThermal Sundern/a
GrendelNourishn/aKeeps the heal and give Nourish Strike only.
HildrynPillageBlazing PillageDrains 50 Energy instead of 50 Shield.
HydroidTempest BarrageCorroding Barrage
InarosDesiccationDesiccation’s Curse
IvaraQuiverEmpowered QuiverTap Cloak, Hold Noise. Augment only affects Cloak and Dashwire.
LimboBanishRift HavenBase Ability Change: Add ‘Cancel ability on Hold’ to let enemies out of Rift.
LokiDecoySavior Decoy
MagPullGreedy Pull
MesaShooting GalleryMuzzle Flash
MirageEclipseTotal Eclipse
NekrosTerrifyCreeping Terrify
NezhaFire WalkerPyroclastic Flow
NidusLarvaLarva Burst
NovaNull StarNeutron Star
NyxMind ControlMind Freak
OberonSmiteSmite Infusion
RevenantReaveBlinding Reave
RhinoRoarPiercing Roar
SarynMoltRegen Molt
TitaniaSpellbindSpellbound Harvest
TrinityWell Of LifePool of LifeBase Ability Buffed – Now does small amount of heal over time over a large range. If you hit the enemy, a % of the damage dealt gets converted into AoE heal.
ValkyrWarcryEternal War
VaubanTesla NervosTesla Bank
VoltShockShock Trooper
WispBreach Surgen/a
XakuXata’s Whispern/a
ZephyrAirburstn/aBase Ability Buffed – now has a HOLD or TAP functionality. HOLD to receive original functionality. TAP to suck enemies in a wind Vortex.

What are my safeguards?

Since you can remove an Ability at any time with the click of a button, you’ll be able to safely experiment with many creative combinations.

For example, if you replace Grendel’s ‘1’, your kit doesn’t really work! If you change around or re-assign Abilities already assigned to Railjack Tactical use, you simply may not have one, or have a new one in its place! If you put Hildryn’s PIllage on Inaros, you don’t get Shields, but you do get diminished Armor/Shields on enemies on cast.

It’s all up to you – have fun experimenting, Tenno!

What about Damage buffing Abilities?

As you can see, we have two Abilities that increase damage: Mirage’s Eclipse, and Rhino’s Roar. We are creating a special case for these Abilities when infused on Warframes with similar Abilities (i.e Chroma, Mirage, Rhino, Octavia). When you infuse these, you will receive a prompt that you can only have 1 Damage Buffing ability at a time, and thus you are limited to replacing said ability type. Which is to say – Damage Buffing abilities can only be swapped with Damage Buffing Abilities on Warframes that already have them. However, that limitation does not apply to the other 30+ Warframes.

What exactly is going on here with the Warframe Subsuming?

Warframes that are Subsumed join the Helminth in an eternal bond. They will live on in a Lotus flower that matches the colours of the Subsumed Warframe, as a permanent honor. See below for an example of the Helminth garden after 5 Subsumes:


Is ‘Helminth’ a permanent name?

Don’t like it? You can rename your Helminth at any time!

Is Helminth a Cat or Dog ‘Person’?

Well, you’ll find out…

Thank you very much for reading our Dev Workshop on the upcoming Helminth Feature – see you in game on August 25 on all platforms!

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