The Hidden Index Buff; A study

Warframe6 - The Hidden Index Buff; A study

I've recently done 4-5 Prodman Runs (1h of Index) to acquire proof about my theories, and it's undeniable that the Index, in the very long runs, has a hidden damage buff.

n1eXmYK - The Hidden Index Buff; A study

The Following Image shows 7 million hp damage and 2 million shield damage, those are NOT normal numbers for a pretty average Catchmoon with a lower than average Riven.

From observation alone, I gathered the following information:

1- It's user specific: the one that banks the points has it, the rest of the teammates, unless acquiring it separately, do not.

2- The more points you bank (not HOLD), the more The Buff goes up. Also:

2a- The Buff doesn't seem to appear if you bank 20-23 or less points at once.

3- It's lost at death. But after my latest Prodman run, I "discovered" something else:

3a- The buff is lost at death, but is not unrecoverable, meaning it's not a buff given at start by default and hidden.

4- The buff scales infinitely, as long as the user remains alive, allowing to kill even lvl 500+ enemies with a one shot or at most two shot.

The effects of The Buff are a massive amounts of +damage and rapidly decreasing Energy, at higher levels (50+ mins in without dying) the drain is similar to a Energy Drain Nightmare, making difficult to cast any ability, even with 165% efficiency and a cost of 20 with a restore of 50 in the pads. It is unknown if the damage is % or a flat increment, but I believe a flat increment, because if not every shot from a shotgun, even with linear decay, would kill anything and the shots wouldn't be a one shot, mostly just two shots.

My First Theory is that the Financial Stress caps, visually, at 25 but the debuff goes WAY over that if you bank 23+ points at once. In Prodman runs I aim for 90 points + 10 bonus in a high risk scenario, and I'M THINKING that the game adds Financial Stress until 90 (even if 25 is the max shown), then subtracts 20 from the total, making my Financial Stress in the 70, more or less. This stacks, and while you do gain massive buffs from this, the energy drain cumulates too.


c413ys7c39b31 - The Hidden Index Buff; A study

Financial Stress icon

My Second Theory is that The Buff is tied only to points banked, not to the Financial Stress, and banking any number of points will eventually yield a high buff, just taking massively longer because 20 points at a time is slower compared to 90. I did try to be efficient in High Risk while Prodman hunting, but found out that after just 2 rounds my weapon stopped damaging the brokers, so I just started doing runs of 90+10 to finish and got The Buff pretty quick, so I'm tending towards the First Theory.

I only tried with Revenant, as he's the only one that can afford not to die in the entire run, a Catchmoon and a Tigris Prime, once.

My results were weird, because while the Tigris definitively did SOME damage, it didn't One-Shot the brokers as one could have expected from a Tigris Prime. It was my first run, so I quickly abandoned the weapon in favor of the Catchmoon, and that leads to:

My Third Theory; The Catchmoon is somehow broken in Index. That's it. A commenter tried with a Primary and The Buff was there.

I hope I didn't bore you; I tried to find something on Google about this topic but nothing significant popped up. I know for sure I'm not the first one to notice this, but I can't find the original "wtf is going on with my Catchmoon doing 5mil damage" post.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your day 🙂

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