The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.4

Warframe6 - The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.4

Live Fixed:

Sunday night we live fixed the Invasion gamemode being broken which resulted in having to reboot Warframe. We have fixed this issue to prevent it breaking again in the future!

Disruption Gamemode Changes & Fixes:

Thanks to your continued feedback, we are able to make a handful of much requested tweaks to the gamemode. Keep it coming!

  • Demolyst marker changes:
    • Increased initial range of the attack marker from 25m to 30m.
    • The attack marker increases in range from 30m to 100m when the Demolyst is looked at by a nearby player, so that squadmates can see it without it being manually marked.
  • Added new flashing FX for the four marker colors to replace the default yellow flash FX.
  • Moved the extraction timer UI offset below everything else to make it more visible and not so easily confused with other mission timers.
  • Removed from 'mission timeout started' text, made the popup message red and last for 5 seconds instead of 3 to improve visibility.
  • Fixed in-world markers for active Conduits not showing up outside the tile they spawned in.
  • Fixed Aero Agility being in Disruption Rotation A when it should be in Rotation C with the other Rare Mods.
  • Fixed Aero Periphery being in Disruption Rotation C when it should be in Rotation A with the other Common Mods.

Ropalolyst Changes & Fixes:

  • You can now access Chat while being held by the Ropalolyst. Whether you want to say 'IT GOT ME, IT GOT ME' is up to you.
  • Further fixes towards infinite falling in the Ropalolyst fight.
  • Fixed inability to fight the Ropalolyst if you Operator Void Dashed right after initiating the elevator, which placed you back in the elevator with the Rolalolyst outside flapping around in its lonesome.
  • Fixed being stuck in a fade-in/fade-out black screen when Transferring to Operator when your Warframe enters a teleport volume (falling off the edge) in the Ropalolyst fight.
  • Fixed getting grabbed by the Ropalolyst while in Operator mode or if the Ropalolyst dies while holding you resulting in a forced stand still state.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Devour FX persisting on the Ropalolyst if cast by a Spectrolyst.
  • Fixed Ropalolyst being shy and hidden sometimes, as players travelled towards the final showdown room.

Wisp Changes & Fixes:

  • Wisp Sol Gate changes:
  • Increased base Damage from 1000 to 1500.
  • Increased Ability cast to be 30% faster.
  • Restored Sol Gate’s true destructive power to go through enemies, as opposed to only hitting the first enemy and not the ones also behind it.
  • Wisp will now apply the stronger Reservoir value if another Wisp casts the same Reservoir but stronger (with the corresponding Duration).
  • Wisp’s Breach Surge teleport to a Reservoir will teleport to the position you were at when you spawned the Reservoir instead of inside the Reservoir itself. Fixes being able to teleport outside of geometry.
  • Tweaked the FX flare of Wisp’s Sol Gate ability to not occlude your view as much.
  • Multiple tweaks to Wisp’s cloth physics to fix Syandana deformation and reduce cloth wildness.
  • Updated ingame description for Wisp's Sol Gate ability to provide greater clarity on enemy weakness versus continuous attack.
  • Fixed Wisp becoming unable to move if casting Wil-O-Wisp in the Simulacrum and accessing Arsenal before it ends.
  • Fixed inability to damage Eximus enemies with Wisp’s Sol Gate in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Wisp’s Wil-O-Wisp ability causing a hitch if she is wearing her Gaoth Helmet.
  • Fixed missing Wisp Bullet Jump FX trail.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Wisp’s Sol Gate ability.

General Additions:

  • Added Mandachord to Simaris' Lost & Found for 25k Standing. You can now re-craft Octavia with this final piece.
  • A ‘Fast Travel’ option has been added to the Dojo main menu to allow easy access to all Labs once completed.


  • Reduced Rare Resource drop chance from 50% to 7% from Amalgam as seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1095272-neural-sensors/?do=findComment&comment=10783018
  • Reduced Rare Resource drop rate for Lab Amalgams from 50% to 7% as seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1095272-neural-sensors/?do=findComment&comment=10783018
  • Removed the Amalgam Alkonosts Armor and gave it a slight Health boost.
  • Terminal Velocity can now be used with the Fulmin.
  • Removed self damage from the Cyanex.
  • Returned the Ferrox Primary Fire Damage to it’s previous value of 350.
  • Changed the initial Gas City Defense starting tile to improve enemy spawn flow.
  • Removed Titania’s Blueprint from the Market as it is now found in Simaris’ Lost & Found Offerings or The Silver Grove quest.
  • Vapos Aquila (Gas City Dropship) is now excluded from the Simulacrum because it is unable to function properly there.
  • Improvements towards AI pathfinding and spawning in the Gas City Defense tileset.
  • Significantly reduced the radial blur from Mesa’s Peacemaker.
  • Aligned Fulmin's auto fire mode FX to better align with muzzle.
  • Updated "Landing Craft" to "Orbiter" in Menu > Equipment, and “Interior” to “Orbiter Appearance”.
  • Removed sound from when the Motus Setup Mod buff is activated.


  • Fixed a crash when transitioning from Vallis/Plains to Fortuna/Cetus.
  • Fixed Rivens that are capable of hitting negative Damage via Critical Multiplier resulting in insta-killing enemies that have innate Damage resistance (Amalgam Alkonost). They will now properly take 0 Damage from a negative Critical Multiplier weapon, the same way regular enemies do.
  • Fixed Kavat's Grace, Gale Kick, Anti-Grav Array, and Odomedic not actually dropping from Amalgam enemies.
  • Fixed the Torid and Pox not dealing radial Damage over time when its projectile lands on the ground or otherwise not on an enemy.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of Amalgam Machinists creating Ospreys that are friendly and break progression in Gas City Defense missions. The Ospreys spawned by Machinist Shadows will now be tracked properly as Shadows.
  • Fixed join-in-progress spawn times being very long if the in-mission player is riding a Domestik Drone.
  • Fixed issue with Fulmin silencer not properly attaching to player's hand when exiting Submersible Archwing if the weapon was previously in Alt-Fire mode.
  • Fixed zoom multiplier issues with the Fulmin as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/btea7g/the_fulmin_doesnt_respond_well_to_being_unequipped/
  • Fixes towards the Domestik Drone not moving to another location if it becomes stuck.
  • Fixed Kavats becoming stuck in their Idle animation (most commonly seen when near the Domestik Drone).
  • Fix for Mods that come from Syndicate Offerings not showing the Syndicate as a drop source in the Codex.
  • Fixed door alignment in one of the Amalgam Labs in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed collision on some walls where players could get stuck on door frames and other annoying trims in the Gast City tileset.
  • Fixed some spots where AI would deploy Vapos Shields in unhelpful locations in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed the minimap displaying a square outline in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Detron and Mara Detron projectile firing incorrectly when in Glaive+Gun mode.
  • Fixed Mag Helmets Energy color persisting as default.
  • Fixed emissives on the Titania Mab Helmet.
  • Fixed the Second Dream Stalker weapon having blue Energy.
  • Fixed emissive colors on the Drimper Moa Bracket.
  • Fixed some Syandanas getting Energy colors mixed into their emissives.
  • Fixed camera not getting reset when backing out of the Controller Bindings screen.
  • Fixed controller callout for visiting Syndicates not working.
  • Fixed Hildryn and Wisp Ability names being all caps in Ability HUD bar.
  • Fixed buff HUD indicators that should be on the second row overlapping the first when Transferring between Warframe/Operator.
  • Fixed Arcanes displaying that they can be traded for 100 Ducats.
  • Fixed clicking a Chat linked item resulting in multiple screens overlapping.
  • Fixed the tag in the Disruption Event Trophy description.
  • Fixed dirt mounds in the Plains of Eidolon not appearing wet when it’s raining.

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