The Kiddoverhaul: a detailed concept for Focus 3.0 and amp mods.

Warframe12 - The Kiddoverhaul: a detailed concept for Focus 3.0 and amp mods.

Hey kiddos, it's your local spoiler main that nobody knows because I lurk, and I got a big ol idea that you're going to read. Or not, I'm not you.

First things first with this focus 3.0 concept: all the skill trees are merged into one large star shaped tree, with the 10 waybounds in the center (and start point), and each point being a school's tree. Now, unlike how focus 2.0 works, with this, you can use any school's skills, provided you have the pool points needed and can reach the skill in question. This allows other school skills to be used more instead of "everyone's zenurik because energising dash". This also means you can have a full on hybrid kiddo that has the skills that YOU want. However, this comes at a price: Your focus pool is more heavily limited, enough to have maybe 3/4ths of a tree maxed at most. This is to prevent people from just having all skills maxed and being a godperator, while also playing into a remix of the active school system.

Where your active school used to determine just about all your skills, with this new focus system it instead works more like forma'ing your operator, in that it reduces the point cost of skills in the respective school, allowing you to spec harder into it, or branch out more if you have the skills you want from it.

Another part to note is that the old waybounds no longer have a focus pool cost, so as to prevent people from just disabling the waybounds they don't use to get some extra room.


There's some numbers work and such that still needs to be done to make sure it's balanced, but I feel the main concept fits fine and allows a more diverse set of operator builds.

As for amps, the idea is simple: 6 mod slots, no damage mods, no mod capacity. Turn the damage conversion arcanes into mods, and add new ones for the other damage types. Virtuos Trojan becomes the toxin converter, so that you always need to use at least 2 slots to get a secondary damage. I'm not sure how it'd work out with two 100% conversions, though ideally it'd be "it all gets converted to the proper secondary type" without actually boosting the damage. Some other mods for amps could be things regarding the energy regen, or the energy cost of the scaffold or prism. This would add a bit more customizability to amps, while allowing for people to uss arcanes like Virtuos Fury without having to be stuck using void damage.

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The end result of these changes should be a more customizable operator that can compete with most frames if built properly, or be built to support their frame, or even just be a stat stick if one chooses, without having to lock oneself to a single tree or amp arcane.

Tl;dr: all schools combined and free waybounds, but more limiting focus pool; damage conversion arcanes become amp mods instead.

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