The necessity of a simple “loadout tuning menu”

Warframe14 - The necessity of a simple "loadout tuning menu"

Hello reader,

First reddit post ever so forgive the lack of bells and whistles. I promise I have something relevant to add on this topic, but first… I need to vent. The subject is: Loadout switching. I will be doing some generalizing as I am sure there are people who take no issue with what I am talking about.

WEAK RANT (omitting colourful language)

Okay. WHY is this such on obscure topic? Not only do I consider this a CORE issue with warframe but I found just ONE recent post touching on it. Of all the content creators I have watched I never recall them even mentioning this ONCE. Surely I cannot be the only one annoyed with all the hoops I have to jump through to get even (what I consider) the most basic information about my current arsenal!

Take the following real-life example which cannot be all that unfamiliar to the lot of you: a new arbitration pops up – infested defense – I want to get in on that cause I need the Endo and Vitus. I got a spin-to-win revenant to whipe the battlefield. Because of the limited loadout slots (which DE probably won't increase) I generally make a loadout per frame. I select my Revenant build. Didn't I last do an Index run? I must still have my max-strength build on. I'll have to check. I go and switch my build and go back to navigation. Damn, do I even have decent infested slaying gear on? My hover menu (upper left corner) says Kronen – but do I have a combocount or heavy build on it?. I go and check my cronen build and go back to navigation. I may do this to select a arbitration drone slaying weapon too, maybe check the sentinel in case I have a bullet hose frame or build so I should probably select Carrier. I don't even both to check my archwing loadouts even though I would prefer Itzal for Eidolon hunting and Amesha for RJ. You see what I'm trying to say. It's not always like this or to this extent but it's often.


Why is viral-heat all the hype now? Why does every crit weapon build hunter munitions? Why will my flex-slots never have bane mods in them? Answer: because the only way to retain your sanity is to create GENERAL PURPOSE BUILDS.

I will be as bold as to claim it will be like that every time DE tries to rebalance or alter the meta – a damage type will remain unused until it is strong enough for a general purpose build and then will be used to the detriment of everything else

Once you clear the star-chart (and even on several planets) you are facing the factions and playing mission types on a mission-by-mission basis. For every mission type and faction you could optimize your entire loadout. Generally, however, these missions last between 4 and 10 minutes (not counting run-throughs – which actually can have dedicated builds too), after which you may face a new type-faction combination. Theoretically, every 7 minutes I would have to go to my arsenal, check my warframe build, check my weapon builds, maybe even change something up that I'd have to remember to change back because I lack configuration slots.

To my mind, high degree of customization actually the core concept in warframe: 50% of warframe is collecting, upgrading, min-maxing your mod loadouts and the other 50% is choosing colour pallets. So why are we so hamstrung to quickly switch to our desired configurations? Would people actually bother to create faction/mission specific loadouts if they could be selected "on the fly" for marginal benefits (for example instantly popping Corpus shields with magnetic)?


I truly believe they would because if there's one thing people love more than wrecking faces, it's melting faces.

SUGGESTION: Loadout tuning menu

What if I told you that ALL of your loadout information could be displayed and changed in a manner that would require three clicks – THREE CLICKS! – or less without even having to leave the navigation screen! What do we sacrifice for such a mind-boggling feature? Fluff and fancy screens. It's simple, it's lean and it should be optional because it will confuse new players.

Navigation screen, upper left corner, a toggle button "tune loadout". You basically get three columns: a row header and two drop-down boxes. No pretty icons, just plain text.

FrameRevenant (V)Spin-to-win (V)
PrimaryOpticor Vandal (V)BOOMHeadshot (V)
SecondaryKuva Nukor (V)BANEofinfestation (V)
MeleeKronen (V)Slash-for-days (V)
… (V)… (V)

You get the idea. You select your base loadout and then fine-tune it depending on your needs with the configurations you have already created and named yourself. It is nothing more than a re-arrangement of existing information. With such a tool at hand I'd actually create faction or mission specific loadouts because: I feel like playing Mesa. Oh, a void fissure! -selects Mesa loadout (click 1), selects configuration with Bane of Corrupted (click 2 – admittedly per item that has such a config) because I already have my favorite gear on my main Mesa loadout. BOOM – specialized anti-corrupted arsenal equiped.

Not only do I think this would be healthy for creating build diversity, it might even allow for a more rigorous rebalancing of the entire damage system. A balance that would bring forward the unique quirks of the different damage types and specializations of the different factions. If switching to a mission-type/faction build is but a glance and a click away, we could theoretically balance the need for all-purpose builds out of the game alltogether. Meaning we would have to truly consider before each mission whether we are (effectively) built for the task.

Deluxe edition 1: information buttons

Here's a bonus for DE because they love their informational "About" buttons so much. Between the gear slot and the item selection you can create a column of buttons that when hovered over/clicked display basic stats about your selection. It can even have a TAB that contains a TEXT ONLY list of the mods equipped.

Deluxe edition 2: auto-paintjobs

End game players should not despair! An item that is selected (not in your base loadout) will automatically apply the colour scheme of your frame!


All-purpose builds exist because nobody can be bothered to switch out builds between missions and so, will create a permanent inbalance. By simply making access and tweaking of loadouts convenient, I predict people will actually utilize a broader range of builds and configurations.


-A man driven to despair


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