The new Profit Taker bounties are wildly imbalanced when it comes to rewards

Warframe4 - The new Profit Taker bounties are wildly imbalanced when it comes to rewards

Breakdown per Bounty

Phase 1:

Several stages, like a normal bounty. No rewards in between, only one payout at the end. No bonuses for meeting conditions. Took me about 8 minutes solo because the drone spawned in a place where enemies apparently had a lot of trouble spawning in at, but should probably only take about 5-6 on a better run.

Phase 2:

Essentially one stage with 2-3 parts. Kill 5 enemies, pick up data mass, return to Fortuna. It takes longer for the intro dialogue to play out and spawn the enemies required than it does for me to complete the entire thing.

Phase 3:

Multiple stages again with timer components. Felt a bit iffier to manage solo on my first run because I wasn't sure what to expect, but now that I know the exact path I need to take I can secure it reliably. Second stage of whittling down the shields feels like it takes way too long by comparison and the constant flood of enemies and knockbacks is extremely annoying even with a maxed Primed Sure Footed. Takes about 8 minutes, one reward payout. Good luck keeping your companion alive.

Phase 4:

A longer version of Phase 3 with some extra steps and damage-gating. You have to mix between weapon classes (Primary/Secondary/Melee/Exalted for shields, Heavy Archwing for actually breaking the legs and hurting the head). Between the infinite influx of enemies, reliance on heavy ammo drops, and weapon juggling, you will find yourself wondering why you have to "waste" your archwing weapon between legs and pillars before dealing the actually important damage. Be sure to use Void damage via Operator/Amp to change the element to something you can burst with. Catchmoon seemed to work really damn well against it so I imagine Arca Plasmor would too, but I used Rubico.

Phased into 3 breaks and the giant orb pathing can make it a headache, but still pretty easy to manage solo with the right loadout. One reward + one Crisma Toroid (affected by boosters). Good luck keeping your companion alive. Took me about 18 minutes on my first run.

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Out of curiosity I stood around to see the big explosion at the end. It killed me, but all of the Corpus units up were fine. Nukes don't do friendly fire damage!


Shared Problems

  • Long, unskippable, repetitive cutscenes to pick up a new bounty stage.
  • Gives Solaris United standing, not Vox Solaris. Only 1000 for any stage, despite the vast differences in time required.
  • Reward tables are heavily diluted and last I checked the official drop table was not updated (stage 2 guys can drop all 4 Strain mods not that I would ever look in packages.bin because that's a bad thing to do when so much information is available)
  • Requirements for ranking up Vox Solaris are really high which just compounds the bad feel


Drop tables need to be reevaluated. Fodder needs to be removed and placed elsewhere or at least incorporate some more "bad luck insurance" option of acquiring the new resources which pretty much everything in this update requires. Out of 30 runs I got 7x of the common table resources and 1x of the uncommon table resource. Harder stages, such as all of Phase 4, needs to reward way more than it does now considering the time investment.

Standing gains should be adjusted to reflect the time spent and I would strongly recommend changing it to Vox Solaris rather than Solaris United gains. Additionally, there seems to be no point in running Phase 1 or Phase 3 ever again because of how unrewarding they are for time spent and the only incentive I see to continue running Phase 4 is for the Crisma Toroids.

I also have general concerns with combat flow and design, but that's another matter.

I'm sure there will be host/client concerns to address as well, but this is just from messing around a little bit during downtime at work + lunch break. I'm kind of amazed there wasn't a QA/double check on the flow of just picking up and moving on to a bounty as well 😐

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

I wanted to get this feedback out quickly because, as Rebecca has already said on this subreddit, the holiday break is upon us. In case you missed it before, I posted a breakdown of all of the holiday breaks in the past and how well those went. Spoiler: It's not a great prospect.

dev tl;dr:

  • Drop tables are too diluted
  • Time invested is wildly disproportionate to rewards earned on all Bounties
  • Vox Solaris, not Solaris United

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