The Nightwave “criticisms” make me want to bash my head into a wall

Warframe14 - The Nightwave "criticisms" make me want to bash my head into a wall

I was already annoyed by how there were one or two threads on the frontpage constantly with the same complaints about Nightwave, but now I've seen someone describe Nightwave as an "(even more) abusive and player-binding system" which is just so far removed from reality I felt like there needs to be some sort of counterbalance to the mindless drivel that often ends up being Nightwave complaints.

First of all, though, I agree that Nightwave could use some, minor tweaks. Mainly making the Wolf-Cred rewards larger, putting the last one & the last triple forma reward more to the front and changing some of the Wolf-Cred costs to benefit newer players more. Additionally a very select few of the challenges are bad for both newer players and veterans, like having to gild something.

With that said, almost every Nightwave complaint falls into one of two categories (that are ultimately related ofc):

  • The System creates anxiety / isn't fun because of the time-aspect
  • The individual challenges are too hard or too time intensive for new players or players not spending a lot of time

I think both of those complaints are unreasonable and stem from a misunderstanding of the Nightwave system / rewards.

You're only required to clear ~60% of Challenges before taking into account Fugitives to reach rank 30 by the end. That means you can float 13.000 Nightwave standing every week, never see a single fugitive and still make it. I genuinely dont understand how people feel anxious about not doing single weekly challenges knowing this. I've ignored challenges I just… didn't want to do but could have simply because once you're aware how the system works there's no way hitting rank 30 is a problem for you unless you're a player in category 2.


As for the second point, this is a little harder to adress, but this is where I think people genuinely dont understand how the rewards are structured and honestly seem to feel a little entitled. Most of the last few rewards (in fact, all 8 except for the aforementioned wolf creds & triple forma) matter gameplaywise. Umbral Forma is only useful to min-max builds which is only required for content that literally does not exist yet. Everything else is cosmetic. This is intentional to give people with lower time investment the rewards that are relevant for them while still giving veterans who can easily get to rank 30 some bonus stuff.

So in essence, I dont understand why people who are new or who only play an hour or so per week (because lets be honest, the vast majority of challenges and ESPECIALLY 60% of the challenges can easily be done even with more "casual" playtime) think they need all the rewards but even less why they think they should get all the rewards. In what world does it make sense to simultaneously acknowledge that you spend far less time than someone else on a game but expect to get the same rewards? This is not how it works anywhere in any game that I'm aware of and for good reason. And this isnt "abusive", it's rewarding players who play more with more. And in this case DE even went out of their way (again, aside from 2 blunders IMO) to reward players who play more with rewards that are only relevant to them anyway, which is the very opposite.

So i don't know, maybe I've misunderstood some people on here but some of those who I discussed this with have been so spoiled by DE their entitlement was almost unbelievable. Please tell me if you don't think this encompasses your own problems with Nightwave.

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