The Orbs: you can be fun even if you’re ‘easy’

Warframe9 - The Orbs: you can be fun even if you're 'easy'

So, imma preface this with a few things: 1. I'm a fairly casual player. Something like 1300 hrs in or whatever. 2. I'm kind of dumb when it comes to Warframe. 3. I'm going to measure some things by metric of FUN.

Now that thats out of the way lets get into the meat of this.

I HATE profit taker. I've only done it once but my discord/clan has done it a lot as well as my S.O. and I've heard/seen a lot of it, so im only going to be discussing this with the amount of experience I have from that.

My first experience with both was today, I did profit taker and swore to my clan id never be doing it again and if i needed literally anything from vox solaris that id just have to suffer because that whole experience was ass(yes I know you dont have to kill the orb to up your vox standing thats just what I said at the time.) The whole elemental shield thing is fucking whacko, I died so many times to so many different things I literally could not even keep track and while the scope and sense of awe was pretty fucking fun and fantastic the actual mechanics of it made me wanna slit my throat. Nothing against DE, im just blunt.

I REALLY like Exploiter. Pretty much right after that the update dropped and I went with my clan to do Exploiter. I then proceeded to do Exploiter like 3 more times. Save for the day one visual errors and the awkward thing it does when im in arch wing that clips me into the floor and kills me, I REALLY enjoyed it.

The introduction was good, the dialogue was pretty wild and gave me a good sense of how nutzo this thing is, I enjoyed both areas where you fight the orb, and the sense of scale was good. Also none of that fucking elemental shield shit. Seriously, fuck that. I don't care if chroma is your meta frame for 1shotting it, im not on a time crunch to kill this thing, id rather have a system like how Exploiter has and improve on that rather than artificial damage gating like how profit taker does. Fuck that.


As for how easy it is, man… Who cares? Like I get Warframe needs end game thats challenging for people but why not make it like this? People are saying this is easy, well yeah its fucking easy comparatively, thank god, cause if DE's version of hard is artificial damage gating like profit taker then im not interested lol.

Give me a brain challenge, an actual mechanical challenge, something to do with the movement of my warframe like dodging or something, not put x mod on x weapon and go pewpew without dying, thats not fun, its fucking boring.

I liked throwing canisters at the orb and shooting them, I felt like a bad ass gunslinger when I did that. I liked having the option of flying up and being a sniper for the little bacteriophage coolant dudes while my team mixed paint in the fissures than threw it on her, I LOVED watching my warframe and others climb up on that spider momma and rip out floppy disks out if her… Brain? Thorax? I didn't care if it was brain meltingly hard or not I cared if it was fun. That's all I ever care about, cause ya know… This is a fucking game after all yeah?

I did not love dying in my arch gun animation every time I was supposed to use it only for me not to be able to even damage profit taker.

You guys get my points I hope… Idk, just, for someone whos always had difficulty really getting INTO warframe, this is seriously some of the most fun Ive had with the game in a while, and Ive been playing since the founders pack came out like, off and on a lot.

More FUN less FRUSTRATION, I guess is what I'm getting at. If your stuff is fun people wont care how easy it is, I mean shit people still play tetris for christ's sake and that shit doesnt have a giant spider creepy-talking to you over a tiny tv screen in your brain. I mean cmon.

I reposted this cause Im dumb.

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