The Orphix is the newest addition to a growing list of enemies with hidden damage reduction, and it’s honestly getting ridiculous

Warframe9 - The Orphix is the newest addition to a growing list of enemies with hidden damage reduction, and it's honestly getting ridiculous

Here is a list of enemies that we currently know to have a hidden damage reduction mechanic. Some that you might have noticed in game are Eidolons (both with amps and normal weapons), the new Deimos Jugulus and Saxum enemies, Demolishers / Demolysts in disruption missions, and enemy Necramechs. If you've found yourself not doing nearly as much damage as you'd expect when fighting these enemies, now you know why.

I won't go into the specific math of how the damage reduction is calculated, both because it's different for each enemy and because it's not super important to my point. All you need to know is that the game basically calculates your DPS based on your weapon's total damage, fire rate, and multishot, and then applies a penalty to your damage based on that DPS. The higher your DPS, the higher the damage penalty, so you get diminishing returns whenever you try to increase your DPS.

The point of having this scaling damage reduction is to bring high-end and low-end players closer together, by giving a larger penalty to better modded weapons. This is a really poor way of handling the issue of player power scaling. Instead of making the difference between high-end and low-end players be skill level and game knowledge, the difference is how big your damage numbers are. Not only that, but the damage reduction isn't even mentioned anywhere in game, so you just feel weaker for no reason.


DE seems to go half-way with the issue of skill vs raw power in the case of the current Orphix operation. Having skill with the movement system will let you kill the devices that protect the Orphix faster, however they also ham-fistedly added in this hidden damage reduction to put the brakes on high-end players. Similarly, Necramechs have small weakpoints that require skill to hit (sans the Ignis and similar AoE weapons), but then they add in the hidden damage reduction as well to make sure that no one kills them too fast, regardless of skill.

TL;DR: DE are afraid to fully commit to relying on skill-based game mechanics in their boss fights. However they're also afraid to commit to just having beefcake enemies, because they know that that's boring and that no one likes a bullet sponge. By going half-and-half, they take away the enjoyment of defeating a mechanically difficult boss by having a tedious bullet sponge underneath those satisfying-to-beat mechanics.

It's like if you were playing an RPG and you just beat a difficult but fun dungeon. You open the door and see a big shiny chest, but instead of letting you just open it and get your reward, the game forces you to sit through a boring 5 minute animation of opening the chest. By the time it's open, you're not satisfied anymore, you're just annoyed and glad that it's over. That's essentially what's happening with the recent design of enemies in the game.

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