The Orphix Venom Update Restored My Faith in This Game

Warframe12 - The Orphix Venom Update Restored My Faith in This Game

I'm probably gonna regret feeling this way. Fuck it, I love this update, and I haven't even liked a Warframe update for probably an entire year. I love Lavos, I love his gun and I love the Orphix event.

I've started playing Warframe when Revenant was the newest frame, and I had a lot of stuff to do back then; quests to do, relics to farm. I got to the second dream at about the 200 hr mark and have been playing ever since. I love this game, the quests and lore fascinated me, the flashy frames and weapons kept me playing. I loved trying every frame and weapon out and coming up with a build for them myself, even when it becomes stale from time to time. Eventually I became one of the so-called veteran that is constantly right behind the latest content's ass and devour them as quickly as I wanted, and then complain about not having anything to do in the game when I'm done sucking up said content.

At some point it hit me that this game's content quality hasn't been the same. With game-breaking bugs flying everywhere every time a new update drops, my at-the-time favorite frame (which was Vauban) and several other frames being thrown into the back burner for years and sitting at the lowest of low tier, Raids still gone (and I never got to play it), New bounties that come with new open worlds keep having credit caches and 400 or so endo as rewards, Railjack and the Scarlet Spear being so out of touch and stale (I understand that the virus outbreak scattered their plans, I'm not talking about how buggy, how rushed the two updates are; I'm talking about certain design choices the devs made for the two updates that the community had suggested otherwise for years like vacuum, drop rate of important components and the drop pool itself, resource requirements and having the player hop onto the wiki and look up key information they could have explained in-game.) and a lot of other disappointing things that happened; it honestly felt like the devs care less and less about Warframe as a game, and that the game was heading to a direction that I'm not going to enjoy. (Reminder that this is what I felt personally, I'm not saying you're delusional if you don't think any of the events I've mentioned above mattered in your opinion on the game.) But This event. Man, I love it as a game. I'm having fun again.


First of all, my boy Lavos. He's only been here for a few days and he is already my new favorite frame in the game. He doesn't have a lot of flaws on release, and it just feels like every game mechanic came together for his kit. Mixing elements feels engaging, and not having to deal with efficiency gave me space to truly modify him somewhat freely. Of course, I'm not saying he's perfect. A 30 second cooldown on his ult with no vertical hitbox in a 3D game feels out of place, but his kit feels so refreshing to me that I just can't help but feel all the effort and mind put behind designing him. (Again, it's perfectly fine if your favorite frame is Xaku, Protea, Gauss, Grendal, etc. I'm just saying that personally, Lavos struck me as very unique. And it feels like his designer put a lot of mind behind designing his kit, and that I appreciate that more than the other recently released frames.)

And then the event itself, I haven't felt like I was actually playing a game instead of doing chores for a while. DE was already trying new things with Deimos Arcana, but this is finally an event that's not a mobile defense covered in a coat of paint. Just that made me want to believe once more that DE is willing to make fun and engaging content. Although we can't use our actual warframes, necramechs have finally started to grow on me. However, the mission itself does lack variation IMO, and the mechs are far from flawless with all the bugs and having different mods and whatnot; but honestly, I'm willing to believe that they are finally trying new things. Plus, I am having fun using my mech in this event.

Bottom line, I do feel like the game is taking steps into a good direction. I just wanted to share this thought because honestly, I haven't felt like I'm having fun playing Warframe for a while.

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