The other side of the “eidolon hunters are toxic” story

Warframe7 - The other side of the “eidolon hunters are toxic” story

I volunteered to carry a tricap for the nightwave for some clanmates a few days back since it was late into the night anyways (20ish minutes left). Two people asked, so I went through what frames they could offer and they settled on Trin and Oberon. I brought a few of the wrong pieces of gear and we had to go back and forth between cetus a few times, so we ended up only having 15 minutes to do it.

I told them it was fine; if they handled just the lures we’d scrape by. All I needed was for someone to hand me 2 lures at terry and get 5 more before the end of the garry fight. Last second, the Trin said that someone fairly new to the game wanted to join the run. I figured, since he knew we were running short on time and since he seemed to have enough tricap experience to know how to make the call, that it would be fine to invite them.

During the terry fight, Trin brought over two lures at the terry fight, then proceeded to sit there. I asked them (text chat, no mic :c) to drop them off for me after I broke the second shield. I then asked them to tell the lures to stop moving, before repeating one of the above about four times between the third shield and the teralyst standing back up to be shot in the face.

After a fairly aggressive comment from me about not reading chat, the Trin said, literally, “fuck this” and left squad.


We ended up only making it to garry after the new guy took about 1-2 minutes to put in his shard into the shrine after each fight. After we wrapped up for the night, he apologized and, after I asked, said that he only asked to join Trin since they normally play together and he didn’t realize we were doing an eidolon hunt.

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Most people think eidolon hunters hate every new guy, and I won’t lie, I do get miffed when a new guy joins the with, for example, inaros and arca plasmor, and will make some passive aggressive comments at the beginning of the run, but in the end I don’t blame them and will still stick around to finish the run (DE should definitely gate the bounties behind a tutorial or quills rank; at least give them a popup of “this is endgame content. Proceed?” Let clanmates carry in free roam if they want to bring out the newbies).

The Trin is the kind of player that made me stop joining bounties when I’m too late for recruit chat and just start running the rest of the night solo. They had tricaps under their belt. Knew we had 15 minutes left. Was told what to do before the run. Was told what to do during the run. Then proceeded ignore all of that for god knows what reason. Half the players that bring one of those inaros/arca plasmor combos were like this, and it leaves the people like me who take these runs semi-seriously jaded.

I apologize for lack of screenshots; I only decided to post this after a recent “eidolon hunters are toxic” post.

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