The Prime Warframes was not the first version of the frame.

Warframe7 - The Prime Warframes was not the first version of the frame.

Tl;dr Base warframes came first, tested and when proved worthy of battle was then only primed, evident from the quests and Leverians.

A common misconception that people hold is that the Orokin first developed the prime version of a frame and either we the Tenno are just creating a facsimile or the base warframe is an inferior version made somewhere down the line (and to a minor degree some people believing that Umbra was the first Warframe)

This is not true, in fact, the converse is (base warframe came first then they were primed if worthy) supported by multiple in-game facts.

  1. All Leverian entries depict and describe the base warframes, namely, and especially Ivara's Leverian when she was being tested by the Orokin. It becomes clearer too as prime warframes are a representation of the Orokin and the Orokin wouldn't just allow a warframe to be primed if it was not proved to be worthy. Drusus mentions that the things displayed were gotten from the historical locations showing that these items were from the Orokin era and evidently not primed.
  2. The New Tutorial shows us Excalibur, Mag and Volt are not primed and they were all the from back from the Orokin Era (as seen of them fighting the Orokin Grineer and Dax).
  3. Rhino Prime's Codex Entry depicts a more primal version of Rhino which is clear that its not Rhino prime with its iron/mercury-like skin and more primal attitude. This was probably the first Rhino being made especially considering it has a mouth that it uses for eating.
  4. All Quest warframes are not primed, which again is due to how the primes were not the original. It makes more sense looking back and reading the quests of how each quest warfame was probably upgraded by the Orokin to be primed after whatever feat they have accomplished. Namely warframes like Protea, Harrow, Inaros and even Titania (where we got to meet Titania's original creator/designer which stands to reason that the Original Titania wasn't the primed version).
  5. In the comic that came with Octavia's release, '
    octavias anthem - The Prime Warframes was not the first version of the frame.What Remains', we see both Prime warframes and the base Octavia during the Orokin and Sentient War-era again further supporting that Prime warframes are not simply warframes from the Orokin era but are something more.
  6. Umbra was not the first warframe, I know most don't hold this view but if you do, the whole quest explicitly mentions that Umbra was going to be controlled by the Tenno Devils and the term 'warframe' has already been mentioned and established.From the wiki:"But you won't have to imagine. A lovingly cultured Infestation swarms within your blood. Your transformation has begun, reshaping you into a sacred surrogate of the unholy Tenno… A
    Warframe with but a Single. Burning. Memory. It is… a miracle! But all miracles require sacrifice."

It clears up the trouble of Valkyr as well, Gersemi Valkyr came first was tortured and battered by the Orokin and hence proven worthy to be primed. Alad got his hands on a Geresemi Valkyr and further experimented on to get the Valkyr we have now.

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