The Profit-Taker is the least fun I’ve ever had with a boss fight.

Warframe11 - The Profit-Taker is the least fun I've ever had with a boss fight.

Keep in mind, all my opinion. Reply with yours too.

As many have already stated, the Profit-Taker is worse than even the Eidolon fights that bored people to death but were still required to get arcanes. I was hyped beyond belief for this update, and I'm now just completely destroyed by how utterly frustrating and unfun the new fight is. I could barely bring myself to finish it once, but I'll have to do it multiple times to get any of the new drops. Neither of these big boss fights is an acceptable replacement for the raids which were tossed in the garbage can. I'm really not enjoying this niche group of Warframes that are practically mandatory to get anywhere with the new bosses, whereas with raids you could take whatever you actually wanted to play and get away with it just fine, still getting to experience a reasonable challenge.

The Profit-Taker features:

  • New type of sentient shielding that acts as a dice roll on whether or not you can impact the shields. Can be manually rolled every 5 seconds by your operator. Keep in mind, everyone in your squad is constantly cycling the damage type in an attempt to get one of the ones THEY need, usually at your detriment.
  • Massive AoE, homing, and instantaneous damage that can't be realistically avoided because somehow this battle is even more of a clusterfu*k than the Eidolons who at least had some telegraphed attacks that had clear methods to avoid them. This restricts the available Warframes you can use and sets up a clearly defined meta, as a great deal of the cast will just get shredded within seconds.
  • The longest invulnerability period in the game. Damage is gated as usual, and after a ridiculous amount of time getting shields down you're able to take out 1/4 of the health bar before you must go back through the entire phase again. This leads to an unbelievably boring and repetitive fight. I found myself literally falling asleep during Eidolon runs, and this will be no different.
  • 5 minute timer on the final phase. Further sets up the meta, as essentially without something like Chroma, you're just screwed here.
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This is not the kind of difficulty I'm into. This is throwing myself at a wall with a frame I don't want to play and eventually coming out on top without any sense of satisfaction. There are no mechanics to master, nothing to learn about the boss, and no sense of improvement except through restricting my arsenal down to a minuscule pool of weapons that are most efficient at killing this boring boss even faster so I can get back to doing literally anything else.

To top it all off, the new Warframe I was so hyped for is locked behind yet another daily standing wall. This update has been a massive disappointment and I'm very quickly being driven away from this game.

If you're having fun with the new update, more power to you. I just wanted to voice my frustrations, and I want to hear what you guys have to think too.

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