The Railjack 2020 Wishlist

Warframe4 - The Railjack 2020 Wishlist

After playing Railjack pretty heavily since it's release, I, like many others have a ton of things I hope are added/fixed about railjack. So I figured maybe it'd be fun to make a post about it and see what everyone wants!

For me, I'd say the biggest things so far are (besides tons of bug fixes):

  • Mining Missions or mining in general. While occasionally I do like to fly around post-mission and pick up all the ore in rocks, I think it would be way more fun to have a mining weapon or mining mission where maybe we use the gunner 5 big gun to blow up asteroids to get a TON of resources. That or steal from the grineer mining facilities. Either way, there are some resources right now that you need a lot of that are just sort of hard to get and I think this would be a good solution.

  • Please give the big railjack gun that requires gunnery 5 punch through. Ideally, infinite punch through would be SUPER cool but some punch through is enough. I just opened a black hole and pulled like 10 fighters in, and went to use the big gun only to have one fighter fly in front of me at the last second and pull a hero move and blocked the whole shot himself.

  • Looting fixes, mainly if I'm not the host, the main issue I've found when looting as a pilot is that sometimes the loot just won't pick up and it'll just be sent FLYING further into space after bouncing off your ship. Not sure if this is a loot issue or connection issue or host issue, but I've had it with every squad I've been apart of.

  • More Dirac usages. Right now if you've maxed out all of your avionic grids or you finally get that perfect build, you have no more use for Dirac. I think it would be cool if we could use it for something else, like resource redemption or maybe connecting it to the rest of warframe? Allow you to turn it into endo? I think adding a new system that ONLY uses Dirac might be a bit too much, as then it might get overwhelming for people just getting into railjack (a system that can already feel overwhelming) so adding it to something that already exists might be easier!

  • Omni tool customization. Let me make it not look like a weird pistol, or at the very least let me make it a different color

  • Make Particle Ram invisible to gunners. I pretty much don't gun and really only play engineer/pilot/roamer because particle ram makes it REALLY hard for me to see, even with the 360 camera.

And honestly that's really all I can think of for actual added features besides general bug fixes and weapon re-balances. Railjack is SUPER fun and despite all the bugs, is really enjoyable. What features do you hope to see next year?

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