The Semlar drama is a perfect example of why Warframe needs an in game Auction House.

Warframe6 - The Semlar drama is a perfect example of why Warframe needs an in game Auction House.

An auction house:

  • Removes a high percentage of the need for third party resources like websites and bots.

  • Clears a large portion of the spam in the trade chat.

  • Provides a visible history of the previous (x) sales values.

  • Prevents vultures from praying on new, less experienced players.

  • Streamlines the time wasted inside Maroo's trying to find items.

  • Replaces the time wasted inside Maroo's trying to unload inventory with time actually playing.

This needs to be addressed with a more permanent solution than what we currently have. There's no telling what the outcome of the Semlar debacle will be, but it's evident there's a portion of players abusing the weaknesses of the current trading system. If it swings the other way, warframe.market and other utilities could be lost as well. We really should push for a new beneficial solution.

edit- WOW I can't believe how many fatalistic viewpoints there are on this. While there's some good points, there's a lot that miss a mark or two. Here's my example of what I think is a good, simple marketplace: the old FF11 one.

  • Each item is its own category. (Yes, that means EVERY Riven name)

  • Problem items can be removed from the AH headings, requiring Trade chat or our current trading.

  • DE takes a %cut of each transaction, to promote fresh Plat sales for them. Removing existing Plat from the market can combat inflation, this is just one additional way. (Somewhat, it's not a cure-all)

  • Searching an item brings up a listing of all previous sales; out to (x) days ago or (x) sales ago. All players can view the trend on pricing. Only the number of said item currently posted is shown. This lets you track supply and demand.

  • Putting an item up requires you to post a price that is NOT VIEWABLE to other players. Bidding on an item you must use the sales history to price your bid offers.

  • If I post a 50p item for 40, to "sell first" then the first player to bid 40+ buys it (assuming nobody else is 39 or below) Undercutting is a gamble: Do players lazily bid the trending 50, or do they bid low- the equivalent of haggling a trade?

  • A minimum price of 10p (example) is required. This ensures there's at least 1p removed from circulation, (10% DE fee) and protects the lower priced "new player" Plat items from bottoming out- i.e. Ayatans, corrupted mods, etc.

  • In Warframe's case, you continue with the MR restricted Daily Trade caps as AH sell/purchase caps as well. This polices "whales" from buying everything they can low in attempts to corner markets when relisting high.

There's no AH system in games that can't be abused in some way. All of them can take advantage of the lazy or the untrained. An expectation to learn the system, to at least protect yourself, is not unfair.

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