The Status of Status: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Warframe9 - The Status of Status: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As we all know, Status saw some pretty big changes with the Warframe Revised update; more than half of the damage types had their status effects reworked entirely. The goal of the changes was to promote the usage of elements other than corrosive by bringing less-used elements to a better state. We've had a few months to test builds and feel out the changes, and I think that by now the dust (and the meta) has settled. So here's my analysis of the results.

The Good:

  1. Corrosive has been, in my opinion, brought to a much better state. Armor values no longer scale infinitely into the atmosphere, so capping out at 80% armor strip is the perfect spot. There's also still a +75% damage multiplier against Ferrite armor, so there's plenty reason to keep using Corrosive if you're going against Grineer; it's just not a necessity like it used to be.

  2. Heat is leagues better than it used to be. Last year, Heat itself was a big contributor to why Ember was so bad, so they reworked it along with Ember. It does partial armor stripping, which is again super valuable, has a DoT proc that scales with elemental mods, and has a panic effect that's decent CC. Heat is in a great spot right now.

  3. Toxin and Slash are both good at whittling down health. Slash still bypasses armor, but has to work through shields; whereas Toxin can bypass shields, but doesn't bypass armor. It's a neat balance, and I think both statuses are solid.

  4. Electricity is in a surprisingly good state after the changes; it's become an underrated element that has a DoT and CC similar to Heat. It doesn't have the armor strip effect, but it's still better than it was before the update.

The Bad:

  1. Magnetic still isn't very valuable, unfortunately. People aren't willing to change their mod configs before each mission based on the faction they're going against, so people still just use whatever kills Grineer the best. Also, shields can be bypassed anyway by getting a headshot on a Corpus unit, so I don't see this element being used much.

  2. Puncture and Impact are alright, but they're still massively out-valued by Slash. It'd be nice if Puncture added a stacking punch-through value (+0.2 per stack, up to 5 total), but since IPS aren't something you actively mod for, they're adequate enough.

  3. Blast is…okay. Personally, I'd like it if Blast displaced enemies with a knockback effect, because almost no weapons have innate Blast; it's something that you'd almost always be choosing to mod for. The community hated the idea that Impact did ragdoll because more weapons have base Impact than don't, so it wouldn't be an option.

  4. Radiation still ain't great. In fact, adding stacking Faction damage between the units makes Nyx even worse because an Oberon could do her job better. The Confusion status has never made sense to me for this element, and it probably belongs somewhere else like Void. Verdict: I will never mod for Radiation.

  5. Cold has potential, but doesn't go quite far enough. At 10 stacks you'll get 70% slow on the enemy, but if you've proc'd a status effect on an enemy 10 times and they're still alive, in a game like Warframe, they should be frozen solid for 3-4 seconds so you can finish them off. Maybe there could be a cooldown on the frozen state so you're not keeping a Demolyst frozen for 15 seconds straight.

  6. Void didn't get any changes. I still don't like Bullet Attract effect, because that's probably what Magnetic should have. And Radiation should be wiping shields like Magnetic does, so in my opinion all these status effects should get shuffled around. If Void did Confusion, it would A. make canonical sense, B. make the Operator a better utility/CC tool, and C. give Radiation and Magnetic effects worth modding for. No aim=no brain=Magnetic main.


Viral is way. too. powerful. I don't think anyone in this community would argue that Viral isn't the best status right now. You get up to 325% damage bonus on enemies, and this damage bonus is barely worse than Corrosive at killing Ferrite armored Grineer. Against Alloyed armor units, Viral blatantly outperforms. They need to scale it down to +250% at max, or somewhere thereabouts. Otherwise, the meta is going to stay Viral + Heat, and Corrosive will be dead in the dirt.

And the worst of the worst:

Gas is literally broken.

From a mechanical standpoint, it does not work correctly. Every other DoT status in the game will stack as high as you can get it, but will visually cap at 10. Gas is visually and mechanically capped at 10, which seems like a bug. Proc damage will not go any higher once you reach 10.

Also, increasing your Gas stacks against an enemy will only increase the range of the Gas cloud. Increasing stacks won't ramp up your damage like Heat and Toxin do, EVEN THOUGH GAS TAKES HEAT AND TOXIN TO MAKE. So you're combining two elements with good effects to make a combined element that is significantly worse than the both of them individually.

Another issue that seems to be a bug is the formula for Gas procs does not account for elemental mods. Every other DoT formula in the game accounts for them, but in adding to the recurring theme, Gas doesn't. This means that it doesn't matter if you have a Riven with +300% Heat, that damage isn't going into the procs. It does nothing, at all, for the procs.

Lastly, Gas only has positive multipliers against Infested. But because of how badly broken Gas is, you'll do significantly more damage to them by just using Heat, because Heat procs will actually scale with your elemental mods.

I wrote this summary up because I wanted to say that the changes to Status made in Warframe Revised are a good start, but there's still more changes that need to be made for all elements to be valuable. The first thing that needs to happen is for Gas to be fixed and mechanically modeled more like Heat. After that, DE can maybe do more investigation into what effects could still be improved.

Let me know in the comments what you mod your weapons for, what statuses you think are undervalued, what changes you'd like to see, etc.

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