The store UI needs further work

Warframe9 - The store UI needs further work

The prototype of the new store UI shown on the stream looks good stylistically, but it only really addresses one issue – blueprint visibility. I believe there is another problem:
Browsing store for weapons without an open wiki is a guessing game. The store does a bad job at explaining what kind of weapon is presented. Even some of the most basic info isn't there. Like:

1 – The weapon type.
Rifle or shotgun? Staff or polearm? Who knows. Sometimes it's mentioned in the description, sometimes it isn't. A couple of examples:
qs7p5Tu - The store UI needs further work
SkjN0w8 - The store UI needs further work
Sure, you can look closer at the stats to deduce the type, but… that brings me to the second point:

2 – The numbers, what do they mean?
Even just reading the stats requires prior knowledge, since a lot of them are unintuitive or unexplained. Do I want high number for accuracy, or "accuracy" means spread and lower is better? Does "reload" mean time or speed? Same question for fire rate? How does fire rate work with burst weapons? How does punch through work? What the hek is an "active trigger"?
There are also a lot of stats that just aren't mentioned. Ammo reserve, pellet number for shotguns, range for beams, number of shots per burst, scope/zoom stats for rifles, hitscan/projectile indicator and projectile speed, explosion radius… There are a lot of things that go into a weapon's feel, many of which are impossible to judge from the store page. Speaking of which:


3 – The feel.
There's more to the weapons than just their stats. Some weapons have interesting sound or reload animations. There are cool firing effects and projectile behaviors. Try this: Think of some of your favorite weapons and what made them your favorites and try to find that on the store pages. It may be there (things aren't that bad), but it also may not, misrepresenting what that weapon really is.

So, my suggestion is: At the very least the warframe in the background should fire the gun, not just hold it. Even better would be a manual "fire" button, so we can get a feel for the weapon – that would honestly work better than half of the existing stat sheet. That doesn't mean the stat sheet isn't needed though. Especially since it will not the first thing visible anymore. If you don't need to be afraid of overwhelming a newbie, then you don't need to hide or omit anything and the spreadsheet can be expanded to include some of the stuff I mentioned above and possibly additional explanations for the numbers.

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