The wiki shouldn’t be a replacement for in-game information.

Warframe9 - The wiki shouldn't be a replacement for in-game information.

Warframe has persistent issues with not clearly communicating its mechanics in game. I'm not talking about just about minor stuff; I'm talking about the fact that very, very few things in game actually clarify whether they're providing additive or multiplicative buffs, when that significantly matters when assessing the functionality of a mod. I'm also talking about how I literally had to look up what evasion did on the wiki, because I didn't know if it reduced enemy accuracy or made occasional bullets pass through you or what. Or the fact that the vigilante mod set "enhances" critical hits, by making them the next tier of crit, i.e. applying the critical multiplier again. Or the fact that the weird thing making the feet of enemies near exima glow is actually them gaining elemental damage resistance (although this one's a bit more justifiable, because it's obvious something's happening and it's not too hard to guess or figure out what). Or the fact that, when I last checked, the behavior of Chroma's Elemental Ward isn't really stated in game (simply giving a vague description that it gives buffs and a bunch of numbers without context). Or the fact that, until I was doing wiki research for this post, I didn't know Revenant's Reave, Saryn's Molt, and Hildryn's Pillage cleansed status effects (and I own 2/3 of those). Or the fact that I'm still not entirely sure what Leech (not energy leech, just leech) Exima do. Or even the fact that you can buy weapon blueprints, as has infamously been memed on periodically.


The loading screen tips are insult to injury on this. Looking through the wiki for the list of them, many of them reference mechanics that are no longer in the game (alerts, self-damage, limited revives per warframe per day, manual blocking, channeling, stamina). Others simply state game mechanics; half the time this is pointless (i.e. stating what a mod or ability does), and the other half, the information it's communicating isn't available anywhere else when it really should be (like Rhino's Iron Skin preventing status effects) or is just plain bad (cracking containers and lockers if you're low on credits). Likewise for the "tips" on warframe abilities; "tips" are supposed to be advice on clever things to do, not explanations of mechanics that you couldn't fit into your excessively minimalist UI (and the fact that the only way to read through tips is by tabbing through them one at a time doesn't help).

I'm not saying everything has to be perfectly explained. It's ok for there to be some mechanics that aren't obvious and have to be either figured out or learned from the community. Some mechanics are clear enough even if they're not perfectly elaborated on (you know what armor does just from the name, and the exact calculation being provided is overkill). But when abilities and weapons just flat-out don't say what they do, and major mechanics are obfuscated, something's gone wrong. I mean… I like the minimalist design of the new ability screen as much as the next person in terms of aesthetics, and I know the codex exists, but it wouldn't be hard to at least toss on a few clarifying statements (like (additive) or (multiplicative) after percentage increases, or making the displayed stats for abilities have clearer names than just "damage"). Also, please rewrite the loading screen tips — or, heck, make it a community contest to write and submit new tips, since the players are probably better at knowing what information is and isn't useful. (And, if the tips become actually useful, why not add a codex tab where you can scroll through and view all of them?)

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