There are two quality of life improvements which Mag really needs

Warframe1 - There are two quality of life improvements which Mag really needs

There are 2 major quality of life issues when it comes to Mag's abilities. One is about an ability which takes forever to cast and the other is about an ability, which more often than not, can't be cast to begin with. After playing with Mag, mostly Mag Prime to be precise, i did notice these two issues consistently and fixing those two would definitely improve the feel of this Warframe significantly. It could increase her power level marginally as well, but considering what kind of abominations of Warframes are running around labeled as 'fine', it seems to me that Mag still has plenty of room to grow in that department too. But i'm not here to talk about reworking abilities, but instead i want to focus onto two smaller, seemingly overlooked nitpicks, which could potentially improve our beloved Magnet Lady quite fairly.

First of the two is something about her second ability called Magnetize. The issue is not that this ability is too weak or that one needs to read the wiki page to fully understand its intricacies, but instead that this ability needs far too long to cast! Mag's first, third and fourth abilities feel decently fast and snappy to cast, but this ability always feels like it has -200% cast speed. You could see enemies entering a chokepoint, you'd try to cast this onto them, but the animation takes so long that the enemy can run through said example chokepoint and then to the side, ruining the whole idea of this abilities application you might have. The long cast time can also lead to your target being killed by any non-instagib source before the animation finishes, having you wasting your efforts, because when the target dies in the meantime the ability fizzles at the end of its cast, which you have to go through regardless whether the target dies (this could be counted as a secondary improvement for this ability to be honest).

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Secondly, it is about Mag's ultimate Crush. This is a fine ability. It overloads shields of you and your party, it crowd controls right when you press the button, making it a great panic button. All great and shiny one could easily think, if there wasn't a very nasty and specific catch. You can't cast this while airborne in any form!? This is like one of the most baffling stupidities of this game. You're already forced to commit to a more lenghty (because of multiple stages) animation, but in a game which is all about 3D movement and significant airtime, you have to use this ability when both of your legs touch the ground only. On a magnetic based Warframe on top of that. It makes absolutely no sense, while also being a severe cut in the quality of life department for this otherwise good Warframe. Heck, Garuda can hover and she has nothing to do with magnetic powers to begin with. But a Warframe clad in metal and surrounded by all sorts of metals can't use her magntic powers to cast her ultimate ability under any circumstance except when both legs touch the ground? Sure. I get that this is from the games initial inception and things were designed and imagined differently back then, but how is a travesty like this still allowed to exist after all this time? Why wasn't this archaic restriction removed when she was revisioned the last time? I don't know, but it is time to change!

I know that these two issues might not deserve such a large writeup and it probably feels like i'm overreacting (actually they do deserve it), but it is often the very small things that makes the biggest of difference and these two things could be done in a fair amount of time for the enjoyment of literally anyone who plays Mag, ever! Also making sure to be constructive and thorough doesn't hurt anyone.

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