There is just way too much time forcibly spent waiting around in Isolation Vault bounties, especially if we are “challenged” to do three in the span of a wyrm cycle.

Warframe12 - There is just way too much time forcibly spent waiting around in Isolation Vault bounties, especially if we are "challenged" to do three in the span of a wyrm cycle.

tl;dr too much forced waiting.

First let me list the objectives/phases of an Iso vault bounty:

Phase 1. Collect bait around the field. The bait can be collected super quickly if everyone in the group splits up to different residue zones.

Phase 2. With hotfix 29.0.4 (did I get the number right?), defend the container for 90 seconds against infested. Its aggravating that the timer was extended, but by itself it isn't that long. However, as this phase does not grant a bounty reward, it can't even be completed "by itself" to begin with.

Phase 3. From one timer to another, a timer will count down while a toxin meter builds up. Kill specific infested to slightly reduce toxicity. Survive until time runs out. With the latest hotfix, there is also now a penalty if a player decides to leave the objectie area. This DEFINITELY can't cause griefing, intentional or otherwise, right?/s

Phase 4. Defeat the Necramech(s). They are suprisingly tanky, and have some rather picky hitboxes, but the actual issue is their ability to turn invinceable (almost, I think? I read somewhere you need to hit their spine in the back to damage them or something) and they use the ability with impunity. A run can be finished after beating them.

Phase 5. It is optional to continue a run from here. Defend Loid from infested as he, slowly, moves to a point where he will stand still for half a minute or so and then move to another point. This process is done at four points in the tile. After completing the defense, Loid moves back to the vault door, where he turns it on, then disappears. Infested can block his movement throughout this, btw.

Phase 6. Input the code as shown on the door to finish the run with a bonus being the contents of the vault.


Not counting the amount of time spent loading into the Cambion Drift, no less than half of the objectives are waitng while fighting off the infested. The other half is mostly dependant on player ability, but why can't the rest of the bounty be like this? If the players are skilled and strong enough, they can complete the objectives faster as a result.

In regards to doing two or three in a single trip to the Drift, while under the hour-or-so timer of a wyrm phase to do multiple runs is actually less than you'd think, due to the forced waiting.

Some suggestions on the waiting phases: Once the residue is collected, it can be cooked at any container, rather than SPECIFICALLY the one next to the door you unlock. Perhaps you could also use it at any door, rather than one specific one. During the actual cooking, maybe recycle that mechanic from that one irb vallis bounty objective where a marked enemy drops a pickup that decreases the time spent waiting?

Again, recycle the aformentioned orb vallis mechanic forbthe toxin survival phase. Moreover, remove the leaving penalty. It is too easy to abuse for griefing, and a player that needs to leave because of real-life circumstances should not inflict a penalty to their teammates.

Loid should move faster, and be able to move through infested while moving between points. Remove the last movement back to the vault. Make sure he always takes the most efficient path to the next point.

Last of all: higher level vault runs don't reset with a wyrm cycle, only after leaving the Drift, plus add a double and triple vault run bounty matchmaking (this was someone else's suggetion, but I can't remember the use name at the moment) to Mom's bounty list at the Necralisk.

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