These nerfs are making the Helminth worse as a whole (and also killing the hype) +Bad abilities buff suggestions

Warframe2 - These nerfs are making the Helminth worse as a whole (and also killing the hype) +Bad abilities buff suggestions

So let's say Dispensary has lower duration, is anybody going to pick Decoy now? All these nerfs do is making good abilities annoying to mod for and/or use while bad abilities are still bad= in general the system is simply more annoying and less relevant.

Why would we pick defy if it gets like 1k armor cap when you can run arcane guardian for 900 armor (tanker and ultimatum also exist, extra armor from warcry exists), defy becomes a questionable pick, especially since it mostly needs duration and we have null star that also needs duration but can provide better DR (good thing about defy is that you don't really need as much duration as with null star)- do we nerf null star as well and get 2 questionable abilities now or do we just ignore defy in favor of null star? And if defy gets around 1250 armor cap- then this isn't even changing much apart from making it annoying, just keep it 1500 then.

If larva gets small nerf, then why? Just to annoy people? If nerf is significant then we just get a useless ability since everyone will pick ensnare instead. Do we nerf ensnare as well then?

Usefulness of dmg buffs (roar, eclipse) is overrated. Not saying they are bad, cause they aren't and can be very very good. But you need to build your frame around this 1 ability to make it really impactful and only a few select frames have kits that require same builds as these buffs- so if it fits perfectly on a few frames, then why not, isn't that one of the points of Helminth to allow you to get abilities that fit your playstyle better? Dmg buffs are just no brainier picks in most situations, extra dmg is always nice to have, so if we have those as most popular choices, then again, why not? +If everyone runs those, you can pick something else and leech buffs off your teammates. +For actual minmax builds on some frames these buffs might be bad, as you'll sacrifice too much power of your main kit to build for the buff, in that case having a dmg arcane might be just better.


My point is that by nerfing most hyped abilities you aren't making shit ones better. So here are just a few things off the top of my head as an example of how bad abilities could be made relevant.

Decoy: make it invincible, it already has a limit- duration. Implement long press functionality: long pressing while decoy is active you will swap places with your decoy, no need to aim at it, range doesn't matter (kinda like built in switch teleport that only works on decoy and doesn't require aiming for it). Now it's a good utility and mobility skill. Buff its augment: Savior decoy would make a hologram of something dangerous (like embers ring of fire) that enemies will try to avoid if possible (this decoy also is invincible and is limited by duration)- this way it's more reliable and if it triggers, then you aren't spawned into an area full of enemies and gunshots.

Reave: simple fix- allow increased lifesteal (beyond what you can do without enthrall) based on power strength. With good enough lifesteal this could be a decent heal+finisher (killing enemies with low % hp) ability.

Mind control: allow shooting your target and buffing its dmg for the whole duration of the ability, maybe make the target explode in an AoE dealing all stored dmg once ability is deactivated (also goes well with the whole Nyx's theme). Better dmg output+ mini nuke (maybe similar range to magnetize or slightly more) on top of base ability functionality. With good enough range, the mini nuke part alone could make it a very competitive pick for some frames.

These 3 are ones of the shittiest abilities ppl keep bringing up, if these 3 can be made relevant, then anything else can be too. +These are just examples, there are more ways of buffing these same 3 abilities and many others.

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