Things I’d like to see in Warframe

Warframe8 - Things I'd like to see in Warframe

Let me start by saying that the things I want to talk about are mostly small-ish changes and are completely my own opinion. The purpose of this post is to see if what I want lines up with the general consensus here, so please comment what you think and what you think is especially important.

Part 1: The Orbiter

Consistent Colour Channels

There have been countless posts over the last few years showing that colour channels are often not very consistent. Either a channel's presence doesn't line up with its name, or it's not consistent across different pieces. This can range from Warframe skins and helmets to your very Orbiter itself. For Warframes this makes fashion hard because some helmets just don't look good with some skins and for Orbiters it means that each room has a slightly different aesthetic.


Having the ability to pin specific blueprints or Relics would make managing them a lot easier. You could easily see what you were working on in-game and with coloured pins you could pin things for different reasons and still tell them apart. It would let players keep track of what Relics they want a lot more simply and it could let them make a to-do list or a quick-access list in their Foundry.

Foundry Queue

Letting players select how many times they want the Foundry to repeat a specific recipe would make crafting things in bulk a lot easier. This way, you don't have to tell it to make a Forma every day and making items like gems, alloys, and pizzas becomes a lot easier. Obviously, the game wouldn't automatically claim items after it has done a recipe once. Either players could manually claim whatever is ready at that moment, or they'd have to wait until the Foundry has finished the queue of that completely, depending on how hard it is to implement.

Syndicate Sigils

The current way to get Standing for the 6 default Syndicates is unecessarily convoluted to use. Having to switch Sigils on every Warframe you're going to use when you switch Syndicate or even when you get a better Sigil for the same Syndicate is incredibly annoying. Instead, why not just make a toggle somewhere in the Syndicate menu that lets you decide which Syndicate you want to get Standing for with a single button?

Ayatan Sculpture Auto-Install

Did you know that there's a button that lets you fill an Ayatan Sculpture with a single button? It's a fantastic QoL feature that saves players a lot of time. But did you also know that you have to be MR 10 to use that button? For some reason there's a Mastery lock on this feature. It serves no purpose and is only frustrating to new players. I hope it'll get removed eventually.

Noob Traps

There are a few things in the Market that are such awful value that it's almost a scam. I am talking about buying resources, Credits, and mod bundles with Platinum. What they give is so easy to get and it's sold for such a high price that I can't believe DE doesn't get called out for it more often. This includes, but is not limited to, the following wonderful prices:

  • 1x Gallium: 10p
  • 1.500x Alloy Plates: 30p
  • 1.000x Endo: 100p
  • Essential Mod Bundle#Essential Cold Damage Mod Bundle - Things I'd like to see in Warframe
    Essential Elemental Mod Bundles: 75p
  • 175.000x
    High Roller Credit Bundle - Things I'd like to see in Warframe
    Credits: 90p

These prices are so bad that new players who don't understand the economy are probably the only ones to buy them. This means it's not even profitable for DE, since these new players are basically giving back the 50p they got when they started.


Part 2: Clans and Dojos

Player Trading

I believe Warframe needs a proper Marketplace. Not just people screaming over each other in Trade Chat, but an actual in-game system where players can list items, easily compmare prices, and quickly and safely trade. The fact that using a third-party website like warframe.market has become the norm shows that the in-game options related to trading are insufficient. If a player uses only in-game sources for trading, they can't compare prices, have to hope someone in trade chat at that moment wants to sell/buy a specific item, and can get scammed or tricked. It's slow, inefficient, and can be abused relatively easily.

Hema Research And Mutagen Samples

Researching the Hema is incredibly expensive. For a Ghost Clan, it costs 5.000 Mutagen Samples, which is just rediculous. Most other researches that require Mutagen Samples need between 20 and 60 Samples. The x100 Large Health Pizza research is the second most expensive, but even that only costs 550 Samples (around a 10th of the Hema's cost). There's no reason for the Hema to be this disproportionally expensive. It's not particularly strong or special, not enough to warrant the cost, anyway.

At some point, Steve has said something to the effect that changing it would be unfair for those that have finished the research. This is such a mind-boggelingly apathetic mindset to anyone who hasn't done it. 'I had a horrible time farming for this, so you have to too.' That's basically what's being said and apparently DE doesn't disagree with that.

New Resources For Old Weapons

Whenever an update introduces new resources, they are almost always only used for things related to that new content. Instead, why not link resources to older weapons, Warframes, and other things if it makes sense. If new Grineer resources are introduced, it makes sense that it's also used to make older weapons. The goal of this isn't to make older weapons harder to get, but to give players a reason to interact with new content beyond the new gear it introduces. It could help updates feel less like 'content islands', which is often complained about.

Solar Rails

There has been an armistice between Clans since the release of Update 16 in March 2015. Ever since then, the Orokin Lab only offers Dragon Key Blueprints. However, all of the research and crafting that Clans could do with this system still shows up. This ends up looking messy and being slightly confusing to players that weren't around before the armistice. I would like to see it re-introduced in some form, or removed completely.


Speaking of useless Dojo rooms, the Oracle exists. Why does it exist? Nobody knows. The room itself doesn't offer anything of value or even a reason why it's needed to build the Labs. I'd like it if the Oracle got a proper function, or if the room got removed completely.

I've had a bunch more things about Dojo decorating and general balance/QoL things, but a lot of those things are more complicated and this post is already way too long. If you've taken the time to read parts or the whole post, thanks. Again, please tell me what you think or if I didn't include something you think important.

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