Things I’ve learned spamming Bounty 2.

Warframe14 - Things I've learned spamming Bounty 2.

So like a lot of people, I've been spamming bounty 2 to farm Atmos Systems, Repeller Systems, and Gyromag Systems.

While doing this I've found it far faster to not stay with a dedicated farming team. This is primarily because the bounty seems to have no "Mission Completed" cutoff for other players joining. This means you can join a game just before its completion, effectively giving you the reward for a few seconds of loading in.

First off, you go into the base and wait for the dialogue to finish and then you find and kill 3 "directors".

So far

. Wait in the lower chamber of the spy vault and the first one will spawn right in front of you. If anyone has a faster way please let me know.

The task of killing these 3 directors should be whoever the host is. If you join a new game and you're the host, you go do it as fast as possible. The point of this is that you'll load first. This makes the mission go faster.

Once you kill the 3 directors, 2 Terra Ambulas will spawn outside. Kill them and then go into the room behind to pick up the datamass. You then take the datamass back to the elevator as fast as possible.

The task of killing these should be for anyone who joins later on. There's no need for multiple people inside hunting the directors once you know their positions. So if you join a game and you're not the host, stay outside and kill a few enemies and wait for them to spawn. Personally, I like to take a Nekros and get a few extra toroids while I'm there.

Now, for the reward. You will receive the reward for the mission as soon as the datamass gets back to the elevator.

Congratulations, you now have (insert reward here).

What's next?

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If you are not the host, leave immediately. Press escape and click "leave squad". Doesn't matter where on the map you are, leave.


This will allow you to go back to the elevator and load straight back into Fortuna. This will also prevent issues from failed host migrations caused by impatient hosts kicking everyone because they're not making their way back fast enough.

I've had this happen several times now when other players have been sticking around outside farming toroids instead of going back to the elevator.

Host migrations only kick you back to the main menu when you try to load back in and the new host leaves before you load in. I have never once been kicked back to the main menu or had a host migration fail in any way when I have pressed escape and clicked the "leave squad" button.

You can do the mission completely solo

. Most of the missions I've done have been around 1-2 minutes long. 2 minutes if I was the host, mostly less time if I connected to another group of players.

So to summarise for quick tips;

  • Itzal for traversing the map and a good weapon like the Rubico Prime for killing the Terra Ambulas (Spin to win optional)

  • If you're host, go straight inside and find the directors

  • If you're not host, stay outside and wait to kill Terra Ambulas, pick up datamass and take it to the elevator.

  • If you're not host, leave immediately once the reward pops up.

  • If you are host, please don't leave as soon as the reward pops up. If other players are not making any attempt to move towards extraction, feel free to leave, but at least give people the chance first.

Sometimes you'll be completing the mission so fast that the dialogue is still playing when you load back into Fortuna. If this happens, talk to Eudico outside the elevator or Little Duck in the backroom and then cancel back out to clear the dialogue. If you don't, you can get stuck in a 30 second unskippable dialogue when you talk to Eudico in the back room and try to start a new mission.

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

If anyone has any more tips feel free to share.

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