This community is unbelievable

Warframe6 - This community is unbelievable

I got warframe about a week ago. Picked Volt cause lightning (I intend to later get the water, fire, ice, air and earth warframes. I like elemental magic is my point)

This is the first time I've played this type of game before. i come from MOBAs (Smite, overwatch and league) and it goes without saying that the atmoshere there is a little more, shall I say, tense. We typically mind our own business and have have no reason to help or communicate with any player outside the specific match in which we encounter them.

So imagine my surprise when I get to my orbiter and find this region chat feature. And people just keep talking all the time. Not telling each other how bad they are or how much better they are than them, but just asking questions, making jokes, discussing various items and game features. My first reaction is "What is this? Did I get all-chatted into come kind of clan chat?"


I ignore it for the most part, mostly cause I don't understand half the stuff anyone is saying yet, and go about trying to get whatever I can out of the game. Over time, I run across multiple players in-game that want to help. I mean REALLY want to help. And over time I get more comfortable with typing when I want to communicate something. Trying to get to Phobos by scanning the cepalon fragments is a task I could never have achieved without letting everyone in the match know. And they'd willingly hold off on extraction and help search the map with me till we found the piece.

There's been so many more examples of people just insisting they're going to help you if you just let them. It's been humbling to see honestly. And while I haven't yet shed my lone wolf approach to online gaming , I had to express this gratitude somewhere. And this reddit seems like just the spot.

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Some might take it for granted (maybe cause they're used to it), but, coming from someone that's spent years on the other side, it really is a strange thing going on here.

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