This game ruined my job and got me evicted today.

Warframe14 - This game ruined my job and got me evicted today.

I started out my day normally, everything was fine. I decided to get lunch at Subway, where my favorite sandwich is a Spicy Italian. It's simple and inoffensive to the pallete. Anyway, I go up to the lady and ask for my sandwich, again, a "spicy italian."

The woman asks me in a really nice voice if I'm a doer. I thought she meant, like, motivation-wise.

I t sounded like some Subway exercise promo so I awkwardly giggled and said "yeah, sure, I'm a doer."

The smile on her face falls off. "You're not a doer."

Excuse me? I'm not good at dealing with drama, especially uninvited, random drama. I'm taken right the fuck back.

"You can order a roast beef sandwich, a BLT, or any of the salads."

Of course my flabbergasted self is unable to make a decision in time, and the inpatient person behind me shoves ahead. He orders a spicy Italian–ok, guess he's a damned doer.

I leave and walk back to work. Except, out of nowhere, my badge has ceased working to get in. I sit out there fumbling with my backpack to see if I have a solution, when three of my coworkers walk up.

"Hey!" I cry. I'm visibly upset. "My card isn't working right now."

One of my coworkers, a tall lady with red glasses, asks me: "you are a rapscallion, right?"

A what?

They all give me these infuriating, pitying glares then head on inside, making it clear I'm not to follow. I just effectively got fired.


There's little keeping me from breaking down. I need to grab a nice frothy drink to calm down. I shamble from place to place, until I spot my favorite joint and it is uncharacteristically empty.

Unlike Subway, the staff run to keep me from even entering.

"Are you an old mate?" The bigger employee asks. He's built like a bouncer.

"I'm a regular," I choke out, almost sobbing.

They don't give a shit. The bouncer shoves me and I fly back into a parked car, bonking my head. I fall unconscious.

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When I wake up… a doctor greets me. Apparently, my head wound needed some stitches. Okay. Whatever. I'm numb at this point to it all. But then the doctor tells me off-handedly that I've been put on Outworlder insurance. Somehow, I was accidentally on cove before. The price for someone else shoving me? $12,400 out of pocket.

Now I'm home writing this because I googled all these strange titles and apparently they are "Solaris United" ranks. Why is this reputational rank being used to gate everything from me? How? God, how, damn it?

If any of you know a way I can fight back, please let me know. I just want to be a doer and get my Subway back…

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