Thoughts on creating a difficult assassin. (feedback forum x-post)

Warframe10 - Thoughts on creating a difficult assassin. (feedback forum x-post)

My post on the forums seemed to get a lot of agreement, both from people who loved and hated the Wolf. So, thought I'd share my thoughts here as well.

Here, there's people saying he takes forever, and there's people saying "build better." I've argued both sides at times, because both are both right and wrong.

Disclaimer: what follows are my own personal videos. TLDW: Wolf getting deleted at level 70 and 60.

Does this really look difficult?


How about this?


He is in no way, shape, or form difficult. What he is, is an annoying build choice.

During Season 1, I rarely touched my Mios. Why? I filled that slot with a Wolf killer.

With one of my favorite melees (and not one to shrug at), the Mios, (and the majority of all classes of weapons in the game for that matter), he takes a while because status effects don't work on him. This means that Nyx, my favorite frame, gets Assimilate quickly drained, and then she gets burned to death by Molotovs. If I utilize movement (as I like to do), even with a rad crit secondary or primary to engage at range, he'll still take far longer than a heavy blade.


If I bring a tanky frame, the literal only difference is TTK. Nothing else. Time =/= difficulty, and the difficulty when playing a squishy frame (particularly one whose CC didn't affect fugitives) is simply not getting killed by his minions' AoE fire spam. On certain tilesets (looking at you, Eris) you might as well call yourself dead at the start.

The Wolf on his own has an okay moveset to fight if you're squishy, mildly engaging. If you're tanky, you just ignore it. The only thing really cited for "difficulty" is his DR.

And you don't solve that by fighting. You don't solve that with skill. You solve that in the arsenal.

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So, my suggestions:

1: Let the next enemy take offensive statuses, meaning corrosive/viral/etc. That way, non-rad crit weapons will kill him if your build is good. Making a single boring meta method is dull, there should be multiple approaches.

2: No Molotovs. No AoE "screw you for playing a squishy frame on a small tileset" crap that outdamages the actual miniboss.

3: Expand the concept of giving the enemy interesting attacks and strengths/weaknesses. Weak points that decrease his DR when successfully destroyed, a jumping attack with a moment of airtime, that sort of thing. This moves the measure of success from the arsenal to the field.

4: DON'T just make him a squishy Wolf. A dangerous assassin is the right idea, it just got implemented in a dull and constrained manner.

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