Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours

Warframe9 - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours

A clanmate and I have recently taken on the project of revamping our previously barren dojo. After spending a fair amount of time in the decorator, we have a few observations and criticisms:

  • DyqrEtp - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours
    Decorations can only phase through one another in certain ways.

Eventually we found out that the rotate point was what you couldn't put inside other decorations. This was still extremely annoying when trying to get things to fit together, or build complicated structures. Our solution was to either abandon the piece and try another or make do with what we could fit.

  • VGeJp0x - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours
    There is no squaring tool for decorations.

This was the single most frustrating thing for me. It's insanely difficult to tell if something is square as you have no real measurement tool. The only real way to square things up is to place a decoration in relation to your other decorations (which you hope are also square) and the rotation tool having a 45 degree snap. There supposedly is a grid in the builder as "snap to grid" is an option, but there is no visual representation of it.

  • WWNkAad - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours
    You cannot scale decorations in restricted movement.

This is pretty self explanatory – If you want to change the scale of a decoration you have to do it in the free placement mode. This can get really annoying when you have an decoration in a perfect position, but just want to match it's size to the other decorations around it. Free placement really throws the decoration around and finding the perfect spot again can be challenging.

  • 8KchuCL - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours
    There are no dedicated floor pieces.

Adding second levels to the bigger rooms was a nightmare as the only way that we found to do it was to use walls that really didn't like being horizontal. This seems like a pretty basic fix, hopefully DE can put them in someday.

  • Decoration snapping is really inconsistent.

I wish this feature was better than it was as the upside is so big. We found that
HRUj8SE - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours

finer snapping gave us all kinds of crazy angles and
nyY0CkC - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours
the broad snapping was just not useful as you always had to go into restricted movement to properly position the decoration.
  • fg5HWe6 - Thoughts on the Dojo decorator after +80 hours
    There are no interactable decorations and color options.

These two are more just wishes than actual problems but having things like chairs, doors, & lights that players could interact with or toggle on/off could really make spaces come together. Being able to color decorations with your clans unlocked colors could really add some uniqueness to dojo design.

Well thats all! This list is by no means exhaustive and there are lots of little things that could be done about the decorator, but honestly DE has created a pretty powerful tool that has no pay barrier to use. Maybe once we leave beta…

I would love to hear from the broader community about problems they've had, or tricks that helped them overcome the aforementioned problems. I fully expect that the two of us are just missing a few things while using the decorator. If you want to talk to my self or my building partner message us ingame @Kosharku or @PHTMz.

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