Thoughts on the Warframe Community and it’s relation to that of the hedonism paradox

Warframe12 - Thoughts on the Warframe Community and it's relation to that of the hedonism paradox

Today I want to discuss the Metaphor and Fragment of Hedonism that is Warframe’s Community. The utilitarian philosopher Henry Sidwig was first to note in The Methods of Ethics that the paradox of Hedonism is that pleasure cannot be acquired directly. Now this is my first point, Hedonism paradox is the ideology that TRUE pleasure cannot be acquired by striving for pleasure. Happiness is often imprecisely equated with pleasure. If, for whatever reason, one does equate happiness with pleasure, then the paradox of hedonism arises. When one aims solely towards pleasure itself, one's aim is frustrated. Now that I set the basic laws of Hedonism and the main focus of Warframe in my opinion and this essay.
To start I think Warframe is a great but flawed game, it is extremely great but I want to start a discussion. That of meaning and thought instead of your average “HAHA INAROS BAD AND BOTTOM TIER. WISP FUNNY WORD MEANING THAT OF SPRITES BUT HAS A DOUBLE MEANING REFERRING TO HER BOTTOM” Okay so I think the idea of playing Warframe is completely that of Pleasure Paradox. I think I am speaking for a lot of people that the grind of Warframe is monotonous and a constant act of catharsis. Even fake difficulty for some users (their words.) where I do not believe these things I think it fully outlines the act of seeking pleasure but even when you are met with what you wanted it just doesn’t feel enough. Warframe’s state is all about seeking something, getting it, putting work into it, and being rewarded for the work you did. Alot of players like Zer0 get this and have mentioned how they feel like that’s fun for them, quite literally it was a direction for Warframe.
But the problem arises when Warframe is not taken in moderation and pleasure seekers drive after everything either taking the easiest route or doing it far too much. Greek thinker Epicurus was also a hedonist and tied it to a virtue ethics system based around moderation. He argued that moderation leads to the most happiness for the individual in the long run. I argue he is right, using Warframe as evidence for this theory. Players push themselves far too much in Warframe to get everything or set their standards to unreachable standards because they seek pleasure in warframe and keep getting met with momentary happiness and then they feel that’s not enough and set their standards abit higher and then higher until the updates stop being good enough for their delusional requirements for a good update and start ignoring facts and common sense to excuse their delusion. I think this is a factor of Hedonism Paradox. I rest my case.


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