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Well while this topic has gone on for so long and the time frame discussion has been discussed I had a idea in set for a time frame to be initialized, also I know limbo exists and protea's four, so don't think this is some post with no coessential Idea of random intrusions of other frames who possess same like abilities. Now that's out of the way I thought of a different name than Chronos but it is still a good name, Tempus, Latin from Time, Now onto the concept of the Frame's Ideal idea.

Frame: 25 Armor, 250 Health, 50 Shields, 0 Energy

Passive- The Frame can store time within itself creating a progressive motion of power duration, and possibly other directives such as Healing and boosting Stats of nearby allies with duration buffs not too powerful linking with most abilities

Energy Type- Time, as of so like Lavos this Frame is a complete opposite, this Warframe runs on time, as time goes on the Warframes time bar can increase based on Energy Mods to increase the time fill

Ability One: Time Warper- Create a explosion from your body taking off 35 Energy points{Around normal energy 10 seconds} causing enemies in a Radius to slow down and allies with a speed buff sounds like Nova's fourth but it doesn't do as effective, Enemies frozen can get their bodies ripped away from holding the ability one key draining their life as you fill your time jar{Ability Four} killing them in the process while giving a small speed boost to allies

Ability Two: Tick Tok- As the bells ring into the air the enemies will start to go into fear, the second ability will cast a multivariant energy wave of time creating enemies weapons to decay and deal less damage while also removing their shields and granting you armor, uses 50 energy points{15 Seconds}


Ability Three: ClockWork- As you cast your third ability a blinding light will form making enemies go blind for a temporary moment, while doing so the Warframe gives nearby allies ammo, health, and energy from the enemies, and holding down the ability three will instead grant nearby allies armor that can stack sacrificing the health, ammo and energy, and it will no longer blind the enemies uses 75 energy {25 seconds}

Ability Four: Time Inducer- Invert all of your time into your body letting out everything you have stopping enemies in a large bubble, the bubble naturally will last for 30 seconds depening on how much time is in your time jar, a jar that can be filled using the first ability while also creating more power strength from the second ability, all weapons are disabled in the bubble including yours, as your blade will only work but not as decent, the ability creates a safe guard and of so can help allies in the process with health from enemies, bullets within the time bubble can be summoned and shot outwards in a multidirectional circle depending on how many bullets enter the sphere making it so enemies can be damaged radially.

Augments: Speed Granting, using this augment replaces your four as you suck the speed from all the enemies in the area maxing up to a 90% speed gain, enemies will be slowed down but not completely

That's my idea of a time frame, as it sounds more overpowered and more to be nerfed as it is, it wouldn't be that powerful as it sounds like other frames abilities I never intended for them to be that way apologies, and the abilities can be suggested for any lower standards or how they should be and how the concept can be tweaked for less ultimate frame. Again this was a concept I had and credit to anyone who did make similar abilities never seen any related to it, just saying just incase someone says I stole it, have a nice day!

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