Time to get Specific Unvaulted Relics in the Void

Warframe9 - Time to get Specific Unvaulted Relics in the Void

I calculated the time required to get the specific unvaulted relics from the Loki/Volt unvaulting in the void. The drop chances and locations were taken from https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bj8oht/april_2019_unvaulted_relic_locations/. My thanks to
vini 2003 - Time to get Specific Unvaulted Relics in the Voidu/vini_2003 for that post.

When there is more than one change per mission (drops in an A rotation for example) the result is calculated thus: 1 – drop chance = chance not to drop. Multiply chance not to drop in each rotation that it appears to get the total chance not to drop in that mission. Subtract the total chance not to drop from 1 to get the total chance to drop in that mission.

Also, these are chances to only drop that one specific relic. Obviously several missions have a chance to drop more than one of these relics. The total chance to get an unvaulted relic will be slightly less that adding these drop chances together due to overlap in drop rotations.

On to the data:


qss65ebymlv21 - Time to get Specific Unvaulted Relics in the Void

i9g2yfg3nlv21 - Time to get Specific Unvaulted Relics in the Void

b67wryt8nlv21 - Time to get Specific Unvaulted Relics in the Void

(Let me know if you find a mistake in the calculations here)


Obviously the time to complete the mission is pretty subjective (except survival). Some players will complete these missions faster, and some slower. I think I estimated the time to complete fairly well but people will no doubt argue that capture/exterminate/sabotage could (and definitely can) be completely faster. Even if you complete Marduk in 4 minutes you wont get the average Axi L4 under 1hr time. Completing captures in 45s are also fairly common when a player builds and practices, but even at 1m completion it doesn't change the fact that captures are far and away the best way to get these relics and that REALLY hurts the ability for the average player to get Axi L4 relics since you can't get them from captures.

Personally I think these times are unacceptably long for the player who only plays a couple hours a week and only has a limited time to get these frames before they are gone again. Keep in mind this is compounded by the drop chance of the parts you need per relic, which for Loki systems is 10% on a radiant relic. So for a casual player to get a loki systems you would need an AVERAGE of something like 14 hours of playtime which is probably several weeks in real time – IF you do nothing but void sabotage every time you play.

Contrast this to bounties. T5 bounties might take 15 mins or so and you have a chance to make 4 Axi relics in that time. I never calculated it but I believe that the average number per bounty is ~1.2 relics. This is 640% more common.

TLDR: DE please never make unvaultings Void only again… Rhino systems was hard enough to get and it was only a common in the Axi relic. Loki systems is going to be brutal.

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