Timeline of Sentient happenings, from the Old War to Jovian Concord.

Warframe3 - Timeline of Sentient happenings, from the Old War to Jovian Concord.

Jovian Concord, specifically the Ropalolyst fight, brought some new information that changes what we know about how the Old War went down. Slightly. This post is my best attempt to summarize the Old War timeline based on what I know. Do note though that the sources used might be unreliable. Natah for exemple might be lying, mistaken, or both. I welcome new information and insight in order to build the most accurate timeline possible.

Information new to Jovian Concord is bolded.

Our story begins in the heyday of the Orokin Empire, thousands of years before present.

  1. Dwindling ressources force the Seven Emperors to get over their (in hindsight completely justified) fear of AI and authorize the sentient project.

  2. The drones are sent to Tau to terraform it. On their way there, they attain sentience. A long time passes.

  3. The Zariman ten zero is sent to Tau, but is lost to the Void. It is recovered years later. Work on Transference begins.

  4. The Orokin contact Tau. Sentients defy their authority. The Orokin attack the Tau system.

  5. The sentient counterattack, sending forces to the origin system and wreaking havoc. Hunhow probably does not take part in that initial attack.

  6. On a losing position, the Orokin unleash the infestation, then the prototype warframes, and finally the tenno.

  7. The sentients are pushed back to Tau, where they suffer renewed Orokin attacks.

  8. At some point, Margulis is executed for apostasy as she opposes the use of the tenno as weapons.

  9. Ballas makes a deal with Hunhow, providing him with information on the Reservoir on Lua, and presumably on Margulis and her ties to the tenno.

  10. Ballas is found out, and turns a high ranking Dax soldier into Excalibur Umbra to cover his tracks.

  11. Natah is born, made for the express purpose of infiltrating the tenno.

  12. Hunhow, Natah, and possibly more, travel to the Origin system in a second wave of attack, all to send Natah to Lua (most likely with Ballas' help.)

  13. Once there, her personality is partially overwritten with Margulis' own.

  14. The sentients fake total defeat, and at the moment of triumph, Natah, now Lotus, pushes the tenno to betray the orokin.

  15. Rather than kill the tenno like Hunhow intended, Lotus sends them to cryosleep instead, and does not wake the hidden sentients. Ballas disappears.


Thousands of years pass, the tenno eventually awaken, and our story begins.

  1. Hunhow is awakened by Tyl Regor, and realises what Natah has become.

  2. Hunhow makes a deal with the Stalker, and attempts to destroy the Reservoir himself. The tenno awaken from the dream and escape.

  3. Ballas emerges from hiding, possibly prompted by Hunhow, and abducts the Lotus, without her helmet.

  4. What happens between Apostasy and Sacrifice, and the respective motives of Ballas and Hunhow, can only be speculated upon. I believe that both wanted to split Lotus into Margulis and Natah, each taking their respective loved one with them, and probably backstab the other later. We know Natah is back to a state Hunhow would likely consider "correct", but the whereabouts of the Margulis half are unknown. Is she in the helmet? If yes, why did Ballas leave it behind? Did he not know? Was it not how he inserted Margulis into Natah in the first place? Is she in a gilded USB key in Ballas' old lair, where he hid for millenia? Did he clone her a body? Was there too little of Margulis left to recover, thus pushing Ballas to attempt suicide by edgy teen? We won't know until at least the New War, if ever.

  5. Natah rejoins her mother. The exact location, outer Origin reaches or Tau, is yet unclear.

  6. Ballas is turned into an Amalgam. With the help of the Man in the Wall, the tenno visit him, and he gifts them the Paracesis. It's clear that the current state of affairs is decidedly not what he intended, but his actual plan remains unknown. Wally's intentions are similarly unknown.

  7. Alad V makes a deal with the sentients, to create amalgams for them. The Ropalolyst is sent to keep an eye on him. Alad quickly becomes unhappy with his deal and is overjoyed when the tenno rid him of his eldritch bird overseer.

And this is where we are right now. The sentient plan at the moment seems to be to assimilate humans to make amalgams, in keeping with their general objective of adaptation. The main reason is probably to try and cure their engineered weakness to the void and the resulting infertility. Once this is done, they will probably attempt to genocide the human race out of existence once again, and make the Origin system into a pristine garden.

Ballas' actions and motives are shrouded in mystery, and with his current state and location, it will be difficult to know more for quite a while.

Lotus was the result of merging Natah and Margulis. That much we knew. Jovian Concord has Natah say that only the Margulis half loved us, that the Lotus was not a harmonious fusion but an enslavement. I very much doubt it. The current Natah is the result of her parents manually excising Margulis from her mind. It's quite possible that they deleted "love_the_tenno.dll", mistakenly thinking it came from the Margulis half, while it was also an actual part of Natah.

There is yet hope for Natah and the Lotus. I am looking forward to finding where Margulis is at, rescuing Natah from her clearly abusive family, saving the world, and farming a million things doing it.

Addendum, personal speculation/wishful thinking: we won't fuse Natah and Margulis together immediately, and for a time there is two space moms around.

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