To: My fairy queen. From: Oberon

Warframe1 - To: My fairy queen. From: Oberon

I miss you.

Out of the corner of my neuroptics, I could always see you. Drifting elegantly, playing innocently with your razorflies. You let them perch on your fingers, and you spoke the softest of whispering sentences to them. Just as you did to me.

I always had you by my side. For as long as I can remember. Back, when we were on our own, you took notice of me. How I interacted with animals, how I could hold my ground, and how I seemed immovable and unphased.

But you saw through my armored chassis. Didn't you?

You saw, deep down, that I was a fragile flower. Delicate and easily trampled. I grew thorns and barbs all around me, and I insisted you were exaggerating, that what you were saying was a wild guess or a stab in the dark. But you were right. You were so good at seeing through me.

I miss that. And a lot of other things, too.

You were my fairy queen.

While I stood my ground and fixed our wounds, you took the problems I couldn't handle and whisked them away. You turned insurmountable obstacles, and impossible threats into something we could use. Something we benefit from, even if it's minor.

You did it all with elegance. And an unnatural beauty. You took your identity and owned it, regardless of what others said or thought. And you were beautiful because of it. Even when you drifted far away, I was able to keep you grounded, and keep you safe. And when things got too intense, you erased my problems. That's why we were so perfect together, right?

Were… We were perfect. Weren't we?

I miss you.

All it took was one incident. One minor thing that slipped through my fingers to take you from me.

Had I been there, had I said something just moments sooner. Just to make you wait, just to make you pause. It wouldn't have happened.


My fairy queen. I'm so sorry.

I was fixing you. All of your doubts, and problems, and worries and anxieties. I was repairing them, renewing you. You were getting so much better. You drifted higher through the air, you danced more through clouds of razorflies. You dragged me into missions I didn't want to do, insisting it would make me feel better. And I never admitted you were right, not until we were busted up and tired from a job well done.

You were more positive, too. "I feel like my buffs are helpful!" "My ultimate is something I'm proud of!" "I stand out from the crowd and own it, too!" You had improved so much from when we first met. It was a beautiful thing to see, my dear fairy queen.

I miss you.

Every small divet and crease on your chassis. Your neuroptics captured mine so easily, and I got lost in them, every time. I adored your warm embrace, and your gentle words when we failed. But we failed together, and we always tried again and again, until we came out successful.

I miss winding my fingers through yours.

I miss bumping your forehead with my own.

I miss locking helmets and losing eachother in our optics.

I know what you want me to do, my fairy queen. And I'll do it. Just for you.

I hope you're peaceful in your silver grove. I hope there are many wildflowers to pick and many small creatures to watch.

One day, I'll join you in your silver grove. Until then, please remember I'll be doing my best without you. And I'll be trying my hardest to do good things with what you provided for me.

Your King of the Fairies:


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