To the people complaining about Nightwave. Well, some of you, at least.

Warframe15 - To the people complaining about Nightwave. Well, some of you, at least.

Tl;dr Elite are not for everyone, and you're not missing much.

I'm talking those who say the 4 :

-Please no Challenges that require me to use ressources

-Please no Challenges that are locked behind progression etc.

-Please Nothing limited in quantity (ie. 5 sorties when there are 9 a Week)

-Please Nothing that requires me to log-in at specific times.

Now tell me, what's left?

I'm genuinely curious about this.

As far as I know what we have left are the followings :

-Kill ennemies which resumes to Play

-Get credits which resumes to Play

-Jump which resumes to Play

-Fish in the Vallis

We basically say no to the followings :

Profit taker, Sanctuary onslaught, Sortie, Lua, Kuva Fortress Forma things (basically, using formas for what they're meant for), Tridolon, Arbitrations, Modular items etc.

The thing is, I UNDERSTAND that a lot of people can't do the follwing. But here's the thing, these are ELITE Weeklies. It has been said times and times, these are made for long time players that grinded their way through it. I can't tell you how uncomfortable I am when I read "I am not max rank in Fortuna". While this is Indeed a problem for Switch players, other ones Don't really have an excuse, or at least, should not be "hypocritical".

You might not like it, sure, but by not maxing fortuna, you're saying no to all the stuff behind it, so why is 5k standing such a big deal suddenly? That's 25 wolf cred.

The mindset is here : Elite weeklies are here for players that basically have done most of the game and need more or less some kind of challenge. You probs Don't know how much FUN I had during the 1h kuva Survival, it's been months I didn't feel such threat from the game. Meanwhile, there are 2 kinds of players : the ones that just can't play 1h straight, alright, sure, but the thing is, you're supposed to actually earn it, not by just logging-in and play casually. Then there are the people who just can't do it because it's too hard. Alright, sure, but it's not called "ELITE" for Nothing.

You do NOT need the Elite Challenges to reach rank 30, you just want to get here faster, and the problem is, you except to get here at the same time as people who "deserve" it.

DE cannot say no to the list above, it's a huge part of the game, and comes in with most (if not all) the endgame content aka ELITE content.

I think that's pretty much all I have to say, it's been on my mind for several days. Just, please, Don't expect to get free stuff without grinding a little bit.

I'll be very happy to hear your side of the story and also add things to the "what we have left" list!

(Turns out answering in the comments isn't as good as an idea as it can't be pinned, lol)

Will answer here (Time in UTC+1)

17:43 As I read a lot of people saying "it's not fair for low-level payers, you used to get rewards way easier" – which I do 100% agree – it also brings up a problem with old Alert systems, and what people want. It just resumed to "hop in a standard mission, get special rewards". It did not feel different from just doing a standard node. That's what DE is partially trying to fix, and it's what people angry at Profit Taker unwillingly want. I believe one of many solutions is to increase the number of Daily challenges per day.


17:50 I am also reading the fact that Elite gives more rewards to veterans, who don't need it. Which is also a fair point as I live it. One way to fix this, is to offer rewards that mostly veterans need; such as Kuva, Veiled Rivens (for a high price though), Toroids/Sentient cores/Shards etc.

(Man, this thread actually turned out better than I thought, we're actually discussing 😮 )

18:39 "If you like doing a 1 hour kuva survival, great. More power to you. That's not what the old alert system was and not what the Nightwave system was stated as being geared towards. If you really want things like the 1 hour Kuva Survival or playing a mission with a friend or clan mate…go do that on your own?"

Here's the thing, we Don't do endgame for the sole purpose of doing endgame. Endgame exists when there is a point to it. You cannot tell me to go 1h kuva for Nothing if 0-20 is the same as 40-60. Remember the last time we actually did real endgame? It was during the Tower key Era. 1 key, as much rewward as you stay in the mission. Same goes for here, you do not go endless 1h just for the sake of doing it.

18:41 "If you didn't unlock everything, shut up" thanks to whoever posted that. As it might sound controversial, it's actually my point. However, behind a point, there are arguments, it's as ridiculous as if you wrote under a negative review "it's bad Don't buy it".

19:17 I just read a very interesting post. Adding to the Challenges Riven-Like challenges. I find that very interesting, also brings up the point that some of these "challenges", are not challlenges, but just tasks. So I now agree for the fact that ressource-using challenges are Indeed not interesting and shouldn't be in Nightwave.

Another one from a new player perspective only ssupports the fact that the choices required when spending Wolf cred are too important. Increasing the amount of creds is obviously what's to do here.

The last one is a bit different. As to the Forma , Not everyone has 3 Formas lying around, Indeed, but you have plenty of time to build them. Just use the companion app or smth, you can easily get 3 formas in a Week. Also saying that "I have to reforma my things, because I forma'd everything I want!" is just not relevant, since formas are here to be spent, they have no use if you let them laying around. And Don't try to hit me with the "I'm saving them for later", you have plenty of time to build 8 formas between 2 weapon drops.

"People have been complaining about Profit-Taker being locked behind Tier 5 Solaris United since it came out. It's not a surprise that people are going to complain louder once you start locking other things behind this fight. It doesn't help that it's the worst boss in the game." A TON of content is locked behind Tier 5 SU, and there is no Reason they get louder for 5k standing, 5k standing you can get otherwise since you are not 1 Elite away from Rank 30.

Please Nothing limited in quantity (ie. 5 sorties when there are 9 a Week) The ayatan one is obviously BS, this, even I Don't like it, however, it is not limited in quantity, but just HEAVILY luck-based. I wasn't talking about this one.

The sortie one I recon is a bit too much… for a non-Elite weekly. As far as I can tell, Elite are for the players who are willing to put in a little more in the game, in europe you just have to log-in 3 times a Week to do this one.

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