Today, I had a bit of an epiphany while doing the Scarlet Spear.

Warframe1 - Today, I had a bit of an epiphany while doing the Scarlet Spear.

At this point, Warframe is carried entirely by its art and sound design team.

The gameplay by itself has become an absolute clusterfuck of completely disjointed mechanics and complicated systems, each of which is briefly introduced and then never improved or expanded upon for literal years.

Honestly, I feel really bad for the art team who have clearly poured their heart and soul into this game for more than 7 years, just to witness their work going to waste like this, seeing so many people complaining about the gameplay that's attached to their amazing assets.

So anyways, what is Scarlet Spear?

One small room in space that looks really cool and has lots of detail, yet barely any function or explanation for anything in it.

One NPC with amazing voice acting and dialogue, yet she doesn't do anything besides run a complete scam of a shop.

One Space Mission that looks and sounds amazing, yet has only one variation of an extremely repetitive and one-dimensional game mode, which reuses already existing assets and mechanics.

One Ground Mission that has the same problems as the space one, it's weird but it works, I guess.

A thousand and one issues, from broken matchmaking to not getting kill codes, from crashes to lost progress, not to mention the confusing gimmicks with the timers and relays and rewards.

Also, an amazing story cinematic with no quest, gameplay or reward attached to it, just kinda thrown in there.


I wish that everyone at DE was as passionate and professional about their work as the art division, they care about what they put out there and they polish it as much as they can before releasing it, unlike the people who are in charge of gameplay.

There used to be a time when DE prioritized quantity over quality, we got new stuff all the time even if it was minor, then they transitioned into making higher quality updates but less frequently, now updates take forever and they aren't very good either.

DE seems to just throw crap at the wall to see what sticks, then promise to figure it out later before swiftly moving on to the next ambitious experiment.

If it wasn't for the breathtaking view and sounds, I wouldn't even want to do Railjack content at all, same with this event.

Here's the reality of Scarlet Spear: If they didn't have an already existing Veil Proxima and Sentient tileset, along with all the Arcanes that they now want people to farm all over again, they would have literally nothing for this event.

One underwheming update after another one, only cool demos and trailers, only hopes and promises.

There is a limit to how much the art and sound teams can carry this game.

There is a limit to how much the community can carry this game.

Developers, please start developing your game.

EDIT: Changed Crimson to Scarlet, herp.

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