Tridolon pug experiences

Warframe12 - Tridolon pug experiences

– The session that, judging by everyone's gear and experience, should be going fast, but is going slowly because everyone is refusing to finish off the last 2% of the shields between each synovia because everyone is hoarding void strike stacks and wants the glory of shooting the limbs. Realise you are part of the problem, sigh, and pop back into Operator.

– The Trinity who spends the entirety of the Teralyst fight flying around with about 9 lures trying to charge them unsuccessfully. Somehow manages to get all 9 lures killed by a light beam 10 seconds into the Gantulyst fight.

– The Volt who takes down shields in 2 Propa shots, and limbs in one Redeemer shot, so quickly that the longest part of the fight is trying to charge the lures at the end, anxiously typing to the newbie in the squad to stop shooting it.

– "Don't revive, I'm bugged"

– The Chroma taking a really long time trying to shoot the armpit Synovia with a Redeemer.

– The newbie who wanted to be useful so decided to take on lure duty. They're doing really well, focusing down Voms and keeping the lures alive. But for some reason at the end of Hydrolyst, they manage to move over 50m away between Onkko's encouragement and the killing blow. Harry flops onto the ground.

– "I'm falling through the floor" "Does /unstuck work?" "No"

– The off-meta pick such as a Wisp or Gauss who's taking down the shields, managing lures, and just vibing. You love them.

– The newbie who doesn't know that the easiest way to avoid the energy spike is to just hide in void mode. Doesn't appear to be doing it even by Hydrolyst despite being told about it a few times. The blessed Trinity picks them up every time.


– The Rhino who quits after Teralyst because he's not topping damage %.

– The player who's fallen through the map and can't put their shard in the shrine, but won't leave squad either.

– "Why can't I shoot or do anything?"

– Voms have built up and Harry is recharging his shields. The entire team seems to be completely unable to locate the Voms hiding up in a tree, you included, until Harry has recharged 100% of his shields. Daylight is in 1 minute.

– The newbie who says they don't have a shard to put in the shrine. You fly back to where Terry died and mark the loot they missed. They slowly parkour back across the map towards you.

– The Oberon who, at each energy spike, drops Hallowed Ground and tries to tank it, and proceeds to go down every time. After being picked up exactly eight times, indignantly declares "I'm never bringing Oberon again" and quits halfway through Harry.

– The Mesa who brings a Bramma.

– The stressful third cap of the night, with daytime drawing near, and the three other members of your team appear to be doing nothing other than engaging in an endless cycle of reviving of downed pets.

– Sunrise draws near, but Harry is miles away from any water. Chill, Onkko.

– Sunrise draws near. Harry has one centimetre of his foot touching some water. You watch him instantly sink into the lake.

I love every second of this chaos.

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