Understanding the Chat Moderation Scandal and the community’s hunt for blood

Warframe15 - Understanding the Chat Moderation Scandal and the community's hunt for blood

To sum up this entire post, I'm attempting to understand the Chat Moderation Scandal and the community's hunt for blood because of it (with the refusal to accept anything else).

I've watched Rahetalius' video and with a Warframe account that's over 6 years old, I've dealt with my fair share of bad chat moderators (and guides of the lotus). I'm fully aware of the poor actions made by these moderators because I've dealt with it myself first hand. It's not acceptable and it obviously needs a change.

Then we received the news forum post "Chat moderation Changes and Additions". This post let us in on a few details of what was changing to Chat Moderation in Warframe (since December 5th):

Moderation messages are now sent through system messages rather than private messages so that they are not overlooked.

Improved logging of Chat Moderator action.

Increased staffing for Chat Moderator management.

They also let us know within that post:

We have posted an official Warframe Volunteers webpage that details our volunteer teams here:
volunteers - Understanding the Chat Moderation Scandal and the community's hunt for blood

https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers. Included is the “Chat Moderator Code of Conduct” that provides a synopsis of their responsibilities, the rules that govern Chat Moderator conduct, and a breakdown of what Chat Moderators are permitted to action on in chat, along with an established way for people to report / counter-claim any manually actioned chat bans/kicks.

With established guidelines, we are addressing the many issues we’ve had in the past with communicating with Chat Moderators and the Community on what Chat Moderation is for Warframe. Essentially, we want everyone to be on the same page so that when issues arrive, everyone understands the outcome of manually actioned bans / kicks.

Chat Moderators messages will no longer appear in purple text. In the future, this will be reserved exclusively for Warframe Staff to continue communication efforts and ultimately assure that any relevant information is shared from established sources.

We have hired a team of professional Chat Moderators to assist with Chat Moderation in the PC English chat. They will begin moderating Wednesday, December 19th, and will do so adhering to the Chat Moderator Code of Conduct.

We will perform continuing reviews and training of the Chat Moderation team to make sure that everyone moderates in a consistent way. This will involve a lot more time with DE-staff leading training and feedback sessions, as well as other internal processes to help facilitate coordination within the team.

To me, this is big reveal in terms of communication. We know that messages won't be overlooked because they'll be properly logged and there's also a few kicks in there that knock the moderators down a peg (by removing the purple text). We also know that there's proper training going across the moderation team and the code of conduct is going to be made a lot clearer to them. Now the only problem I could find with this is if DE lied. Did we have chat moderators who still ran rampant with their own views and desires? Were people still getting kicked relentlessly for no reason? I'm not sure, but I never had any chat issues after these changes (let me know if you did). DE posted a follow up in another thread called "Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report". We received some new stats on the moderation process:

Right now, moderation has looked like this (all actions on all platforms combined):

82% of moderation action came from Kickbot

17% from volunteers and hired staff


We also learned what some of the problematic users were banned for (
image). To me, these bans were justified because I find that these messages weren't something you should be screaming in Region Chat. Most people tend to forget that you're capable of saying anything and everything in Squad and Clan chats as those aren't regulated. Personally, if you feel like getting goofy and saying jokes like these (if they're jokes) you should keep it in those channels anyway. Not in Region Chat. I do not see where these messages were banned because oversensitiveness. This may be where I disagree with a lot of people, but I want to make it obvious so I can discover what I'm missing here.

So far (in the past couple of months), we've received a lot of details and insight pertaining to the Chat Moderation system and the changes it was receiving. While I do agree on more transparency in terms of how specific moderators are changing, I completely understand why they don't offer that personal information.

From what I understand, the biggest finger is pointed at Danielle. Apparently she's responsible for hiring all of these moderators who had an awful past of moderation and she's also responsible for Bear who is the newly hired Chat Moderation lead (correct me if I'm wrong here). I guess the fear here is that Bear would condone the actions made (in the past) by moderators like Misan or Server because of his relationship with Danielle. Now I absolutely understand this fear, and excuse me if I'm absolutely wrong here, but I've only seen a positive change to the moderation system since Bear was hired on. I've heard of certain moderators stepping down from their roles since then, but I don't have any exact references and I think it's beside the point. Beyond that, I've seen no players with authority issues using purple text and I've never received a chat ban thus far. I don't feel like I have to watch out for the oversensitive when I'm hanging out in the Larunda Relay. Let me know if you've experienced this differently since December 5th, because it'll help me with my confusion here.

Now from my understanding (from what I've listed so far), the community is just out for blood. To them (us), the system will only be fixed once DE actively comes out and lists the names of these moderators and punishes (fires) them publicly. The community has no interest in learning that these moderators have changed their ways and they're under strict regulation now. The community doesn't care if the system is on its way to becoming appropriate for every player because they feel the only way it can be fixed is with those moderators (confirmed) removed.

With Rahetalius' new video, it seems that the community wants more blood (or a different kind). Not only do they want the moderators changed, but they want DE to acknowledge their faults on the matter because it's obvious that these problems route from more than just one person. Again, just as before, the change is irrelevant if the team doesn't properly apologize for everything. Bettering the system at this point will not satisfactory. The community still wants blood.

So this post and thread is just a simplified synopsis of how I understand everything going on with the Chat Moderation scandal. My question for you is; am I absolutely wrong? Did I miss something entirely? Am I out of the loop? Does the community want blood or a better system (or both)? Is the community justified in this? Make it easier for me (and other players out of the loop) to understand what's going on. Why is DE the big bad? What are they doing that's so wrong?

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