Unpopular/annoying mission type rebalance ideas

Warframe12 - Unpopular/annoying mission type rebalance ideas

so a little while ago I made a post about giving vallis and plains the deimos treatment and that got me thinking about the other missions that are unpopular and how they could be improved.

Mobile Defense

Change to a percentage base and add an enemy to speed up the timer, exactly like the fortuna bounty (this should speed up the mode and make it a more active game mode)


remove all of the very common rewards from the caches and add more exclusive rewards i.e. the baro and spy exclusive 60/60 status mods (currently there is no reason to go for caches unless there's a nightwave weekly)


change the starting mission hack to an easy hack like survival (this just serves as an annoyance for no real reason)

Change laomedia to 30,000, 50,000 & 100,000 (this should make it give close to the same return as index and potentially more than the index in organized groups)

Make jupiter demolists have a 100% chance to drop 10 hexenon (the mode that was introduced with the resource should logically be the most efficient way to get hexenon)

change tamu demolists to give 100 kuva instead of 50 to reward the extra effort required vs survival

Increase affinity radius by 3+ times in this mode to make it a viable alternative for affinity grind


make each round finish after each squad is saved and make it use the disruption reward rotation system based on how many squad members are alive (defection is a dull escort mission so ideally it should be completely replaced, but this should make it less painful and easy to implement)


change rewards so you get rotations bsed on how many ships you destroy i.e. if you destroy all 3 you get a rotation a, b and c reward instead of just a c reward (currently the best rewards for this mode are tied behind rotation b so the games reward system encourages you to let a ship escape which is silly)



massively increase the affinity gain for cracking vaults undetected (being stuck to hydron, helene, adaro for years as the best affinity caves is dumb AF)


reduce the size of all large defense tiles or make it heavily favour the smaller variants of the tileset (I've run Uranus defense many times and have got the small variant once, this makes an otherwise fast-paced mode slow and dull)

Infested Salvage

Replace some of the mods available elsewhere with infested dropped mods like healing return

spread nidus parts across a, b & c rotation to make farming him slightly less tedious


double the rate at which enemies corrupt (having to slow down killing in defense and run around looking for more enemies in exterminate is annoying)

triple the rate at which enemies corrupt in excavation missions (if you are running this mission type normally it is basically impossible to complete in time without loot frames)

Kuva Fortress

replace all credit caches with kuva so every kuva fort missions reward some kuva (the amount should be lower than siphons so it doesn't massively impact riven prices while improving kuva gains slightly)

change kuva defense to have a guaranteed kuva reward per rotation like disruption


significantly increase the drop rate of archwing mods (people hate archwing missions mainly because they feel incredibly weak to start and the drop rate of mods that up a weapon or archwing power have ridiculous drop rates i.e. efficient transferral the archwing version of continuity has a 3.76% drop rate at max)

Let me know any others I've missed

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