Update 25: The Jovian Concord Bug/Issue Megathread

Warframe7 - Update 25: The Jovian Concord Bug/Issue Megathread

Please post all further bugs associated with Update 25 in this thread.

Current Bugs:

  • resolution problems for palyers with high-DPI monitors

  • Ropalolyst laser targeting Players vulnerable in cutscenes / respawn animation after falling off map

  • Ropalolyst getting stuck in generator pillar

  • Void dash not triggering during ropalolyst fight resulting in jump while invisible instead

  • Ropalolyst not attacking generator pillars

Possible bugs:

  • Inability to mount ropalolyst again after manually jumping off

  • Falling off the map with both warframe and operator after killing the ropalolyst resulting in respawn at wrong location, unable to reach extraction

  • Ropalolyst not attacking players with electricity on wires

  • animationsout of sync when grabbing Ropalolyst

  • Ropalolyst health not visibly decreasing in last stage of the fight

  • falling platform during ropalolyst fight sending a player back at the start of the map

  • generator pillar visually charged, but has to be hit again to work

  • Demolyst spawning directly next to an objective, killing it.

  • Wisps sun-laser not damaging certain enemy types (eximus)

  • Novas wormhole not teleporting the player

  • Switch back to scanner not working after using melee (switch to weapon instead)

  • Extreme fx on staticor

  • passive ability of sancti magistar not activating

  • Various items not displaying the correct energy color

  • Rhino rubedo skin barely showing "flowing" energy effect

  • Proton pulse causing the game to crash when walljumping in the orbiter

  • Sands of inaros final fight not possible to finish

  • weird, "spastic" movements by the ropalolyst

  • "mastered" icon missing in several places

  • scourge projectiles causing graphical glitches

  • lighting issues on new index map

  • energy orbs not working on new index map

  • Syndicate standing number errors

  • regular mission "Extract / Battle" screen displaying "Void fissure"

  • colors "washed out" during mission

  • getting stuck as operator in orbiter when mashing 5 on loading in

  • Ropalolyst being able to grap Hydroid out of undertow

  • Any form of reset (cutscene / falling off map) while grabbed by the ropalolyst making the warframe unable to move

  • Hole im map (/Lotus/Levels/Proc/Corpus/CorpusGasCityIntel/QiTRDQBDmwQpYyWUcaAyoYerb8q9FRcFTwQxng9lhEAMQUAQMEUMUMIAgA.lp Zone: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusGasCityRemaster/GasIntermediate01 P: 116, 8.5, 34 H:80 Log: 830.602)

  • Frame abilities & operator mode not available for longer periods of time after coming in contact with a nullifier bubbles

  • Stuck in loop of falling of map during the ropalolyst fight

  • finishers on "vapos tech" not dealing damage

  • Ropalolyst stuck midair after mounting it

  • All upgraded relics shown as vaulted

  • Nova staggered by quick thinking with null star active

  • Clipping issues with several frames (oberon feyarch, ivara)

  • corpus banners on jupiter missing their texture

  • contours of larkspur visible on wisp after ability use

  • game freezing when wisp present (and performing idle animation)

  • Gara unable to shatter mass vitrify

  • Infiltrator augment (ivara) not working on jupiter

  • amalgam furax body count not affection secura penta

  • syndicate voicelines mixed up

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