Update 26 Info Roundup

Warframe15 - Update 26 Info Roundup

Trying to make myself a listing of all the stuff mentioned coming in Update 26 "The Old Blood", in the absence of/as a more in-depth version of the U26 Changelog. If I'm missing anything, please let me know!

  • New (leaked) mod is coming via Baro
  • MR 28 is available with this update. Mastery test is shipping with update.
  • Drydock isn't coming with this update
  • Exilus/Utility Slot Coming for Primary/Secondary Weapons
  • If you login during 2019 after U26, you'll get an inbox gift:
    • 3 Forma
    • 1 Legendary Core
    • 7 Day Affinity Booster
  • 3 Melee Only Alerts (Friday Nov 1 @3 PM- Monday Nov 4 @3 PM) (Assuming update is live at that point)
    • Rewards 1 built forma each
  • Valkyr Change – if you are in dedicated melee mode (returning with U26 melee changes), when you activate her 4 and aimglide, you will no longer switch to guns.
  • Melee Riven dispositions aren't changing for a bit after U26. DE will give advance Notice.
  • Riven challenges for channeling are going to change to combo counter
  • Abilities using combo counter now scale at 25% (currently, WIP numbers)
  • Updated Slam effects for all melee weapons
  • Prime Armor channeling effects appear when combo counter is 2
  • Nerf to Catchmoon:
    • 51.34% of MR 27s are using Catchmoon ("This means… It's a nonchoice")
    • Second most used was ~5%
    • Falloff Damage is 100->10
    • Projectile Range 40m->20m
    • Falloff is now 20m-30m -> 8m-16m
  • Heat Procs reduce armor over time (only while heat proc is active), higher armor stripping than corrosive
  • Heat Procs now stack the DoT
  • New Mission key: Orokin Derelict Emissary Assassinate key
    • Costs: 10 Nav Segments, 100 Salvage, 4000 Nanospores, 100 Circuits
    • Zealoid Prelate Boss Fight
  • 10 plat for a new Cosmetic or Loadout slot on any item. Mastery Rank 10 locked
  • Weapon Exilus Slots cost:
    • 1 forma
    • 1 Orokin cell
    • 1 Exceptional Sentient Core
  • Tigris-Themed Companion Armor
  • Double tickets for the Space Ninja contest
  • Lighting Fixes
  • Metallics Fixes
  • Color Curve Fixes
  • Fixes for Washout/Excessive brightness on white shinies
  • New Ayatan – Ayatan Kar
  • 3 New Prex cards coming. Atlas And Grendel are two of them.
  • Jiggle Physics on Grendel's Stomach
  • Leverion for Grendel. Will have clues to how to do Grendel's mission.
  • New Orbiter Interior isn't coming with u26

Weapon Exilus mods include:

  • No mods that include sustained DPS on paper
  • Ammo Drum
  • Ammo Mutation
  • Hush
  • Agile Aim
  • Eagle Eye
  • Guided Ordinance
  • Stabilizer
  • Flight Speed/Projectile Speed mods

Arsenal Tabs coming:

  • Companion
  • Vehicles
  • Gear

New Stats in Melee Screen:

  • Blocking Angle
  • Combo Duration
  • Follow-through (not a new stat, been in the game "forever". It's the percent of damage done to the next target in a single swing)
  • Range
  • Slam Attack Radial Damage
  • Slam Attack Radius
  • Heavy Attack Damage
  • Heavy Attack Wind-up
  • Heavy Slam Radial Damage
  • Heavy Slam Radius


  • Casting while in air gives more air time and a special animation
  • Tesla Nervos (1):
    • Spawns a Nervos that follows you around, latching to any nearby enemies, delivering a constant stun to that enemy and periodic shock to nearby enemies.
    • Has a maximum number of discharges per Nervos, if not fully discharged when the enemy dies, it becomes mobile again.
    • Up to 4 at a time.
    • Hold Cast to summon multiple.
  • Minelayers (2):
    • Tesla Coil:
      • Ragdolls, tethers, and pulls enemies in.
      • Elastic tether
      • Can be stuck to Geometry and AIs
    • Flechette Orb:
      • Radial puncture damage
    • Vector Pad:
      • Directional Speed boost. Players must be moving in that direction already. Enemies are always effected.
    • OverDriver:
      • Damage boost, sticks to you, or an ally. Provides its buff to all nearby allies.
      • "Quite High damage boost"
  • Photon Strike (3):
    • Orbital Strike
    • Very High Damage
    • Damage scales based on average enemy level inside the radius
  • Bastille (4):
    • Combined with Vortex
    • Tapping 4 Spawns Bastille
    • Holding 4 turns all active bastilles into Vortex
    • Holding 4 with no active bastilles throws a Vortex
    • Strips Armor while in Bastille mode
  • Augments:
    • Tesla Bank:
      • While a target has a Nervos attached, any damage is channeled into an 8m (Electric) burst on expiration
    • Repelling Bastille:
      • Combination of Old Repelling Bastille and Perpetual Vortex
    • Photon Repeater:
      • If Photon Strike hits at least 5 enemies, the next cast is free


  • Fireball (1):
    • Can be Charged
    • 25 Energy (Increased by Efficiency)
    • 400-800 (Heat) Damage (Increased by Strength)
    • 150-300 (Heat) Area damage (Increased by Strength)
    • 2m-2.4m Radius (Increased by Range)
    • 1.5s Combo Window (Increased by Duration)
    • Input and animation latency fixed (spamming it should work now)
    • Looks like it leaves a pool of Napalm?
  • New Second: Immolation (2)
    • 35 Energy
    • Damage Reduction: 50%-90% (Based on progress of meter 0%->90%)
    • Increased Damage and Cast Speed? As meter fills
    • Enemies no longer contribute to immolation build
    • Fireball (1) or Inferno (3) Increase meter and build rate
    • Fireblast (3) Reduces meter and build rate
    • When meter passes 90%, starts costing energy (3.06/s)
    • No longer uses all energy for massive firewave when reaching 100%
    • Can regen energy unless in energy drain state.
  • New Ability: Fire Blast (3)
    • Reduces Immolation level by up to half
    • 52.5 Energy
    • 260 (Heat) Damage
    • 19.75m Radius
    • 50%-100% Armor Reduction
  • New Ability: Inferno (4)
    • Costs energy per enemy in sight, capped at 10
    • Target Enemies in sight, capped at 10
    • All meteors have a mid-size/large explosion radius
    • Any enemies not killed are set on fire with a contagious fire
  • Passive:
    • 5% more Strength for every enemy in 50m on fire
  • Augments:
    • Fireball Frenzy:
      • Stayed the same
    • Accelerant Augment -> Immolated Radiance:
      • Allies within Affinity Range receive 50% of Immolation's Damage Reduction
    • Fire Fright -> Cauterizing blast:
      • Each enemy hit heals ember by 25-50 health
    • Exothermic:
      • 15% chance to drop an energy orb


  • Leverian available on launch
  • 25 Essence per key x 3 keys = 75 Essence total
    • Keysharing is enabled
    • Keys are not consumed on mission fail
  • Masseter is his melee weapon
  • Passive:
    • Each enemy consumed grants bonus armor.
  • Feast (1):
    • Swallow an enemy whole. Each foe swallowed slowly consumes energy.
    • Hold to vomit out stored enemies covering them in toxic bile.
  • Nourish (2):
    • Consumes stored enemies.
    • Nourish yourself and nearby squad members with a radial buff.
      • Energy + Armor?
  • Regurgitate (3):
    • Violently puke out a bile-soaked enemy from Grendel’s gut, turning the consumed into a toxic projectile.
  • Pulverize (4):
    • Curl into a ball and send any enemies in your path flying.
    • Consumes Enemies inside his stomach while ability is active.
  • Melee Weapon: Masseter
  • Alt Helm: Glut helm
  • Syndana: Sumbha


  • Except for her 4, all casts are now upper body animations
    • Removed momentum Canceling
    • Lowers Cast Time
    • Thorns now also offers Damage Reduction
  • Razorflies can now pick up tributes
  • 1 bonus Razorfly per unique tribute, up to 4
  • Damage dealt to enemies in Lantern is now accumulated and dealt when the ability ends (a la Mind Control)
  • Can now switch to operator while in 4
  • Deluxe Skin Arriving

Vaska Kavats:

  • Go to the plains at night time, and have a Vaska kavat bite your kavat. This allows you to get imprints of Vaska Kavat Imprints to get one of your own.
  • Once you have the imprint, you can cure your infected Kavat using a cure from Master Teasonai
  • All Kavats can give 3 imprints
  • Vaska Kavat Precepts:
    • Transfusion:
      • When its master is bleeding out, Kavat can sacrifice 80% of its health to rez them
    • Vampiric Bite:
      • Vaska Kavat's Bite ignores Armor, draining 4% health, healing the kavat


  • Replaces:
    • Hacking
      • Operators can still hack
    • Rezing
      • Operators can still rez
  • Mods:
    • Intruder mod being moved to Parizon
    • 10+ new mods for the Parizon
    • 3 slots for Parazon (regular) mods, 3 slots for requiem mods
    • Parazon mods (not Requiem mods) have replaced Endo and Credit rewards in spies across the system, and should be tradable
  • T5 Fissues: Requiem Fissues, open Requiem Relics. Only on Kuva Fortress (Lvl 60-70).
  • Requiem Relics are obtained through kuva siphons (30%), and floods (100%)
  • You'll want multiple of each requiem mods, as charges for each used mod are consumed upon defeating a lich.
  • "Repeat Requiem Mods in your collection will eventually go to good use"
  • 4 Different Requiem Relics
  • Drops:
    • Common:
      • Ayaten Amber Star
      • 1200 Kuva
      • Riven Fragment (Paladina can turn 10 in at Iron Wake for 1 Riven, max 1/wk)
    • Uncommon:
      • Requiem Mod (Lohk, Jahu, Fass, Khra)
      • Requiem Mod (Xata, Vome, Ris, Netra)
    • Rare:
      • Weapon Exilus Adapter Blueprint


Kuva Liches:

  • Only available after TWW
  • New Codex section for them
  • Can be sent to the clan if you don't want their weapons/they're too hard, and clanmates can nab them.
  • Have Random stats for:
    • Health
    • Armor
    • Speed
    • Shield
  • Gain Ranks by killing/defeating you
  • Have up to 4 Abilities, 2 Weaknesses, 1 Immunity, and a chance for an Oddity.
  • Can be killed or recruited, only killing rewards weapons, either will return some stolen rewards.
  • Killing Kuva Liches requires a specific order and combination of 3 Requiem Mods.
  • Requiem mods have a set number of charges each, and each defeated Lich uses 1 charge on each mod used to defeat them.
  • Kuva Liches will steal some of your mission rewards on nodes they influence, you can obtain *some* of them back by defeating it.
  • Kuva Weapons are granted a random (at least 25%-52%) buff of a base element
  • Kuva Weapons can rank above 30
  • Weapons do not come with their own slots.
  • If you earn a Kuva weapon without having a slot for it, it will sit in your foundry until you can claim it.

Kuva Weapons:

  • Primaries:
    • Tonkor
    • Quartakk
    • Karakk
    • Drackgoon
    • Ogris
    • Khomm
    • New Weapon: Chakkhurr
  • Secondaries:
    • Brakk
    • Kraken
    • Seer
    • New Weapon: Twin Stubbas
  • Melee:
    • New Weapon: Shildeg
  • Heavy Guns:
    • New Weapon: Ayanga
  • Rivens work on Kuva Variants

Melee Changes (Melee 3.0, Part 2):

  • Exalted Melees now have the ability to combo, and have updates to blocking angle
  • You no longer drop items or unequip gear items when equipping melee or doing quickmelee
  • Channeling is being removed
  • Combo no longer provides a damage multiplier
  • Combo now increases faster
  • Melee attacks now work in mid-air
  • Dedicated Melee mode is returning, along with manual blocking
  • Base damage on all melee weapons is going up
  • Base Range is going up on most (all?) melee weapons

New Stats in Melee Screen:

  • Blocking Angle
  • Combo Duration
  • Follow-through (not a new stat, been in the game "forever" % of damage done to second target in a single swing)
  • Range
  • Slam Attack Radial Damage
  • Slam Attack Radius
  • Heavy Attack Damage
  • Heavy Attack Wind-up
  • Heavy Slam Radial Damage
  • Heavy Slam Radius

The Following weapons will now receive bonus initial combo counter:

  • Synoid Heliocor
  • Furax Wraith
  • Fragor Prime

Heavy Attacks:

  • With the removal of channeling, Heavy Attacks are taking their place.
  • Heavier, slower, much higher damage.
  • Consume all combo to increase damage.
  • Executed with old channel Button

Lifted Status:

  • Heavy Ground Slams give the Lifted Status to enemies
  • Lifted enemies are lifted off the ground and fall much more slowly
  • Attacking them in mid-air will continue to lift them off the ground

Combos are being standardized across all stances. New combos are:

  • Only melee – "Neutral Combo", Minimal movement. Last attack is knockdown or lifting.
  • Forward and melee – "Forward Combo", First 1-3 swings (depending on weapon) will not interrupt movement. Loops seamlessly.
  • Backward while airborne and melee – "Hover Air Combo", Holds the player in the air, overrides the slam angle so you can stay up and attack.
  • Block and melee – "Neutral Tactical Combo", First hit has increased range (Jab/Throw), hard hits, often finishes with knockdown or Lifting
  • Melee while Airborne – "Air Combo", preform a mid-air combo without sacrificing movement.
  • Forward, blocking, and melee – "Forward Tactical Combo", Distance-closing opener, Beginning or end has slam, mid-combo attacks are sweeping and large

Animation/Combo Queueing:

  • You can now cancel any animations, queued or not, combo or not, by dodging
  • Tactical dodging is preformed by block+dodge, and is a shorter range dodge
  • Combos now use the most recent input from before the next part of the animation starts to determine the combo, rather than first input after the input that started the last part of the animation. (You can now change combos last second. Previously Pressing E and then pressing E+E+RMB pressed while the initial melee animation played would do the E+E combo. It would now do the E+RMB combo)


  • All weapons have a "block angle" based on their previous damage reduction percentage.
  • All gunfire within this angle is completely negated. No negation for gunfire outside this range.
  • Angle is total angle, not from camera.


  • Slams (with some exceptions) no longer ragdoll
  • Still push enemies down/back

Aim Assist:

  • Aim Assist is now on for only some melee attacks, instead of all. Can still be turned off in options.
  • Aim Assist will be disabled for almost all attacks in the Forward and Tactical Forward Combos, and enabled for most of the Neutral and Tactical Neutral Combo attacks.

Mod Changes:

  • Any Mods or Arcanes with functionality tied to Channeling will have their stats altered to increase Lifted Status, Heavy Attack damage and Combo Counter modifiers
  • All channeling mods have been changed to melee parry type
  • Amalgam Organ Shatter – Will be changed from Charge Attacks to Heavy Attacks.
  • Blood Rush – Will now scale differently, using a stacking multiplier based on the Combo Counter, raising (X)% per Combo Counter tier.
  • Condition Overload – Now stacks at a maximum of 3 Status Effects, however damage is being increased from 60% to 120%
  • Corrupt Charge – Adds a large amount to the Combo Counter, but significantly reduces the time it takes for the Combo Counter to drain.
  • Covert Lethality – Now +16 initial combo, +100% finisher damage.
  • Dispatch Overdrive – Increases player movement on a Heavy Attack hit.
  • Enduring Affliction – Increases the Status Chance on enemies suffering from the Lifted Status.
  • Enduring Strike – Increases the Combo Counter when hitting Lifted enemies.
  • Focus Energy – Add Electrical damage to an attack, as well as increasing Combo Counter generation.
  • Focused Defense – Adds an additional 20 degrees to a weapons blocking angle.
  • Gladiator Mod Set – Adds a multiplier with the Combo Counter up to 60% for the whole set.
  • Guardian Derision – Will add more to the Combo Counter for blocking hits. (Note: The Taunt mechanic is still in place.)
  • Killing Blow – Increases Heavy Attack Damage, decreases windup time for heavy attacks
  • Life Strike – Heavy Attacks will now restore 20% Health.
  • Maiming Strike – Changes from an additive buff to a stacking buff, but base functionality increased to a Significant % of the old version to balance the change.
  • Quickening – Increases Melee Speed, but lowers the chance to generate Combo Counter on a hit / block.
  • Reach / Primed Reach – Will now increase range in a way that has been normalized. In the previous incarnation, long-range weapons were getting too much of a benefit, while short-range weapons were barely seeing any increase at all.
  • Reflex Coil – Increased Combo Point Efficiency when using Heavy Attacks.
  • Spring-Loaded Blade – Will now provide a maximum of 3 additional stacks of Melee Range.
  • True Punishment – +40% Crit Chance, -10% Chance to add to combo counter.
  • Weeping Wounds – Increases Status chance in a Stacking Multiplier, increased to 60% at max level.
  • Focus:
    • (Zenurik) Inner might: +60% combo efficiency
  • Arcanes:
    • Exodia Triumph arcanes are now +50% chance to increase combo counter on hit
    • Exodia Valor arcanes are now +200% chance to increase combo counter when hitting lifted enemies
    • Exodia Brave arcanes are now +5 energy regen when killing an enemy with a heavy attack (stacks up to 3x)

Exalted Weapons:

  • Garuda Talons
    • Parrying Angle 60%
    • Range 1 -> 2.2
    • Damage 72 -> 180.
  • Baruuks Desert Storm
    • Parrying Angle 60%
    • Range 1 -> 1.2
  • Exalted Blade
    • Parrying Angle 60%
    • Range 1 -> 2.8
    • Damage 35 -> 200
  • Valkyr Talon
    • Parrying Angle 60%
    • Range 0.5 -> 1.7


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