Update after update Warframe shatters more instead of solidifying

Warframe13 - Update after update Warframe shatters more instead of solidifying

Warframe is too big now and every system is scattered across the game, it's not a single concise experience, is layers upon layers of content unconnected with each other. Like a lot of content creators are saying "Warframe is wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle"

Updates now are the same as always: New Mode, New Rewards, go play it again and again and get the goodies. It has nothing to do with the rest of the game, so once you're done you go back to do Sorties and farm whatever fodder you're missing, min max builds and polish your fashion. That's it.

There is nothing wrong with it, thats what a looter shooter is meant to be after all, but when you need to do 500 TIMES THE SAME MISSION to complete the event, there is something very wrong going on. I'm not gonna start ranting about endgame, pvp rework or anything like that, I'm gonna keep it simple: DE doesnt have the manpower to improve the game AND add new content, so they are only doing the latter hoping it's enough.

They need to hire new employees, Id say at least 70 – 100. They simply can't keep up with the game anymore. The design team should be different from the live team, Steve and Scott can't be balancing the game at the same time they are designing new stuff, you can look in their faces in every devstream, they DO NOT enjoy it.

It doesn't help that they're still considered an "indie studio" and the game is "still in beta", this is some childish shit, they need to realize they should be managing the game as if it was triple a. Over 50 million registered users and more than 90 000 players daily, according to Steam charts. And they're gonna tell me they dont have the money to hire new people?


I know, this is the absolute worst time to do so, Im just came to write this because Scarlet Spear is a laughable disappointing mess and shows all the problems Warframe has, from shallow unconnected content, to ridiculous reward prices to inflate playing time and bugs and crashes that can't be fixed until weeks after release, all piling up layer after layer.

I have 3759 hs in this game, I don't say this to feel entitled to anything, I'm just saying that there was a time I was proud to say my play time out loud, now it just makes me ashamed and makes me think that uninstalling the game and never playing again is wiser than hoping it improves. And I've played this week after 2 months of not touching the game, so this is not a burnt out issue, this is a long term problematic.

Anyways, I love Steve, Scott, Red, Megan, they're seriously the best devs of any game I know, the most passionate about what they do and the ones who really love their community, but they need help and until they dont recognize it Warframe will keep going downhill. And this is a game that deserves to do way better.

Thanks for reading my Tenno brothers, hope you are well and healthy in this difficult times. Take care and have a nice day.

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