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Warframe13 - Void Relic Suggestions

This will probably just disappear into oblivion, but..

I've been cracking a lot of relics lately. Gotta get ducats for when the Tennocon relay is open. And I'm a filthy casual, so there is still stuff I want to buy at baro each week. … I need a lot of ducats. So some things I've noticed in the relic process… things that have probably been suggested a dozen times before, but I haven't seen them personally…

I'd love to see the following for Void Relics and Rifts Quality of Life changes

  1. Allow us to Radiant (or any level of refinement) multiple relics at once, please. When I have 1200 void traces I don't want to click on the same relic 12 times
  2. Allow us to pin a few relics (like, 2, cause the in mission relic selection is 2 wide) to the top of the list, so that when we do an endless, you don't have to search for what you want. It's just right there. (Sure, I know, i could just radiant the ones I want to open and sort by refinement, but sometimes I don't have the void traces, and sometimes I radiant a relic for later, and don't want to crack it yet)
  3. In addition a 'Use Last Relic' button would be awesome, to just reuse the same relic we just cracked in the last one.
  4. It's really great that the relic refinement screen is divided by era, but when we search can we please show all the relics with that item from all era's? Or something that lets us do that (If not in that screen, and not the codex, cause I want to know how many I have at a glance).
  5. And finally, some place to see how many void traces we have, at a glance (like on the top of the Void Relic Refinement screen, like endo is in the mod screen) without clicking on a relic to refine it. (Edit: like, I've apparently been capped on void traces all morning. I just forgot to look, cause its several clicks deep. I would love to see it at a glance, so I can know when I should go use some up)
  6. Edit for #6: Allow us to refine a relic from the Mission Relic Select screen
  7. Edit for a few more: Ducat prices on the relic select screen (either that or get rid of those random ones that don't match the 15/45/100 scheme
  8. Show on the Select a reward screen if we have crafted the weapon/frame those parts are for – and if it is currently owned in our inventory. (i currently have to have a google sheets sheet open with a list of everything I've already crafted, so I know if a part I'm taking is something i should hold onto for crafting a new Prime or something I can freely sell…) — Honestly, I wish this would percolate to every screen… being in the Dojo labs and thinking… have I crafted this weapon yet? really sucks.

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