Voidrig enemy necramechs are quite possibly the worst enemy ever

Warframe12 - Voidrig enemy necramechs are quite possibly the worst enemy ever

They embody everything I despise about an enemy in warframe. They:

a) Have terrible visual cues for their attacks.

You can't tell much about what's happening and when you do realize what's happening it's already too late. Which makes me wonder things like: "Why am I'm slow?", "Is he charging his shield or is his shield charged?" and the next thing, I'm dead.

b) Have a range nullifying ability that you can't see at all.

I hate nullifiers but this one takes the cake. You went into operator hundreds of meters away from the voidrig? Too bad have your abilities nullified. Worst of all it's not even consistent, sometimes it will nullify your operator, sometimes it won't.

c) They break up your operator animations.

You are in operator mode? Take a close look again… that's your warframe (they break your transference animation).

d) They break up your operator abilities.

Whenever you try to void dash near the voidrig you actually jump instead of void dashing.

e) They spam a shield that's kind of like Iron Skin.

Don't even know when it's charging or how much HP this shield has. The only thing I know is that their HP bar goes gray but the worst is that they spam it like crazy. One necramech I encountered spammed it 4 times BACK TO BACK. The game doesn't even hint at what you should do.


f) They can reflect your attacks.

Again, visual cue for this is terrible. You can easily confuse it with his grenade skill. I thought DE agreed that most people hated self damage and then yet again they you put it back into the game with a twist. This is an extension of the shield ability which gets spammed like crazy.

g) They have terrible hitboxes.

Nevermind that their erratic movement makes it already hard to hit them (them not being that big either way) you will most likely miss a lot of your shots for whatever reason.

h) They have frustrating damaging abilities.

Remember how dumb corpus grenades were? Well they are back in force. You can't tell where they are at sometimes nor how much of range they got. They also combo it REALLY good. They can slow you down immediately before using it. Hell, just in case you can manage to outrun those grenades by a hair, they can charge up to you, knock you down, slow you and then throw their grenades which means you are screwed.

Yes, they are still not that hard to deal with but the point is that they are INFURIATING and you are pretty much forced to deal with them if you want to enjoy the rest of the content.

I would like to say most of these are voidrig specific but bonewidow does share some of its problems.

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