Want to fix Railjack? Start from the bottom – Add a Tutorial, fix Rising Tide.

Warframe5 - Want to fix Railjack? Start from the bottom - Add a Tutorial, fix Rising Tide.

The cardinal rule of business is that "The first impression is everything", and frankly, Railjack gives some of the worst initial experience in video games.

It's nice and all that DE has reduced the barrier of entry into railjack by reducing cost. But that doesn't change the fact that you start off in this hilariously weak paddle boat that leaks out of every hole and weapons that barely tickles level 4 enemies. Yes, late-game Railjack can get incredibly powerful with mk3 guns, Munition Vortex, and Void Hole, wiping off massive chunks of enemies at a time. But the majority of players will not be encouraged to reach this level due to how bad the initial experience is.

Operation Scarlett Spear is… nice? For people with an already decked out RJ. Yeah, like it gives me another thing to grind for, great! But that will not fix Railjack. Players have to want to play Railjack first, and there's really nothing to encourage them to other than more and more grind.

To fix this problem, start at the beginning with Rising Tide. It's currently like… a defense mission where you have to stop enemies from crossing the circle, with a bunch of voiced technobabble lines added on top. This needs to be better. Rising Tide need to include a tutorial level, something like this:


Show how a Railjack performs at its peak. Imagine a tutorial level, started by accessing Cephalon Cy's memory. You play as the pilot of a well-equipped ship, part of the original crew fighting during the heights of the Old War. Cy guide you through how to pilot, how to shoot, how to use abilities (culminating in you unleashing a Seeker Volley tearing through the enemies). The mission will be structured similarly to a Skirmish mission, but your side gunners will be AI-controlled and do most of the shooting for you. Then head down to the engineering bay, where Cy will guide you through how to forge items and patch up the ship. Then you hop into the cannon to fire it, but it failed and your crew gets wiped.

This way, new players have a sense of how strong a Railjack can get, what it is capable of, and feels better about resurrecting this ancient war machine. It will motivate us to push through the initial levels in order to reach the good stuff. It would drastically improve the first impression of Railjack as well as give players a proper tutorial on what to do.It also adds more to the lore than some meaningless expositions. Of course, players can replay this mission as they like.

Making railjack more popular with players require fixing it right from the introduction. DE, you guys can do better than what we have now. Scarlett Spear is like decorating the roof of your house, while the foundations are crumbling apart. Railjack is now your flagship product and deserves far more resources than what you have given it.

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