Warframe Christmas Wish List – Quality of Life change requests

Warframe6 - Warframe Christmas Wish List - Quality of Life change requests

If you've been around for a while, you might have heard or experienced that DE generally has a good relationship with the playerbase, and are no strangers to QoL updates. With Christmas just around the corner (for consumer industry?), I think it would be a good time to gather your wishes and ideas.

(Quality of Life changes mean a small tweak, fix, addition to the game)

Let me start:

Dear Digital Extremes!

This year, I've been a very good Tenno. I always wait for everyone to get into the elevator. I go back to revive my fellow players and even their pets if they are within 300m every time. I gave my unused fish to Ostron families many times. I did a lot of bounties Mr. Konzu asked me to.

I keep my Orbiter clean. I tidy up my room, pick up the unused Ayatans and floofs from the floor when Spacemom tells me so. I remember to feed and pet my fluffy Kubrow (who I named Fenrir! he's so cute!) every day until he got put into stasis for neglect.

When Ordis takes me to the Relays, I try my best to politely decline the Conclave invitation from Uncle Teshin. Darvo tells us a few wisecracks, but he smells funny too, I think he's sipping Nitain when no one is looking. Simaris sometimes makes me uncomfortable, getting up in my face with an echoing voice.

Anyway, I would be very happy to get (some of) these for Christmas:

  • ability to remove placed waypoing by holding the Waypoint key.
  • "Prefer to be Host" option in Public matchmaking (is it QoL?)
  • extended door detection range on Titania while in Razorwing form
  • option to lock Gear wheel rotation direction (won't go counter-clockwise from Object 1, like in Arsenal)

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